Monday, May 1, 2017

"You Weren't Getting Out Of It That Easy, Sister Jones!"

I'm a little obsessed with these fields.

Dearest family,


Would I, Sister Jones, escape dodge calls without something crazy happening..?? NEVER. Lol. 

     President gave me a sweet phone call after church to let me know that I would no longer be a Sister Training Leader, but would still be staying here in Coventry.  The STL area is moving down to Banbury and Sister Cebollero will be getting the wonderful Sister Nelson. They will do great! Another episode of STL's white-washing! I will be getting Sister Olsen from West Valley, Utah! Woot! Haha she is an absolute blast and will be an incredible asset to the Coventry Ward! 

Companion #14 here I come! 
(promise I'm not a trouble missionary!!)

      While I was on the phone with President, he said "You weren't getting out of it that easy, Sister Jones!" So, here's another challenge for my last 6 weeks! We will be on bicycles around Coventry, which will be EXTREMELY interesting. I've been used to a car for the last 6 months, so this will be an adjustment indeed! The area already seems so much smaller and more personal, versus just driving from appointment to appointment without really getting a feel for the streets and the people surrounding me. I am greatly looking forward to the challenge ahead of us here in  Cov-love. President Leppard literally has no pattern to the dodge that he gives out! Lots of white-washing and interesting changes happen every transfer. It's crazy. I guess it keeps us on our toes! It will be great, I have no doubt. Just pray that we don't die on these massive round-a-bouts!!

WE LOVE COVENTRY! #ilovesistercebollero

      We actually had quite a difficult week, but a tender mercy did come Tuesday morning when we left our flat. A beautiful family, fresh from Nigeria came around the corner and we spoke to them for a little while. Joy, the mother, said that they just got to Coventry and don't have a church to attend just yet. #blessed. We will be seeing her this week and are excited to teach her 4 kids as well!

Jim-Jam, an elderly man in our ward,
 brought these to church for us! Awe..

      The biggest blessing of this week probably comes in a way that I wouldn't have expected before yesterday. This entire transfer we have really been focusing on our own specific area. We have 3 teams of missionaries in Coventry, so it is basically divided into 3 pizza slices. Obviously we have members all around the city, but we really tried to focus our finding in our own designated area, which has proved to be a HUGE blessing! We just found out that we will be on bikes, which means we are fairly close to all of our investigators; including Joy, Lorraine, and Carol who all live just down the street from our flat. Can you say blessed? I know that all will be well!

      While tracting this week, I noticed something interesting about the satellites on the houses. Depending on which way they face, you can tell what language they are getting their tele programs in! We tested it with the ones face forward and they were all Polish families. The ones facing slightly to the left were all British, and the ones facing to the hard right were all African. CRAZY. So, we can be selective when we knock doors! Lol! I just thought that was pretty interesting.

Sister Mamajanyan, Sister Mama, MJ, the Armenian heart-breaker,
etc. My last ever exchange as an STL!
      We went visiting teaching with Dilly Friday morning, which was lovely. We went to see a less-active sister named Judith and she was a heck of a lot more positive than I have ever seen her before! Such a blessing. After we got in the car, I felt like Dilly wanted to go see one more person. I asked her who she wanted to see and she mentioned a recently pregnant sister in the ward. We showed up to the door and we played with baby Eduardo while they spoke in their quick Español! I was able to offer a prayer after the short visit and as soon as I said 'amen' they both burst into tears and complete gratitude for our inspired visit. It was a wonderful testament of the power that the Holy Ghost has over this work. He knows his children and will always prompt us to do only good things!  On Friday, we headed to the chapel for our "Meet the Mormons" event! We spent two full weeks inviting what felt like the entire town of Coventry out to this event! It got really close to 7:30 and no one had showed up yet. *panic* The projectors speakers would not work and neither would the picture. A few member couples came to support our missionary efforts and enjoy the cheap popcorn, but ZERO people that we invited came. 

NO ONE. NOT A SOUL. Can you say absolutely heart-breaking?? And not to mention, embarrassing? Mercy.

      We moved the crowd of 7 into the primary room and started the film on the 30-inch tele. My pride was shattered as we watched this sweet movie that I've seen a billion times and right when it was getting good, BAM! The movie turns off and the screen goes fuzzy. The connection was lost and the hopeless techies in the room could do nothing to bring it back. We seriously thought someone had sabotaged our evening. We said thank you to the kind members and began to clean up. The wonderful Georgie invited us into the chapel to say a prayer and we all ended up absolutely sobbing from the humbling experience that we had. 

     It was a sweet moment, but the sting was still there a little bit. Haha, let's hope that never happens again!
I'll give you a pound if you can guess what this
stands for..
Excuse our bum-bums.

      This week has tested me in many ways. It was difficult, but Sister Cebollero and I were able to endure. We made it, to live another week!

     I know that this is the Lord's work. With the precious time that is left, I only hope to fulfill the will of my Heavenly Father. I know that there are still souls for me to find here in Coventry and I am going to do my darndest to find them! This change has shook the ground in which I stand, but my testimony is build on my Saviour, so I cannot fall! I am grateful for the knowledge of this Restored Gospel.

     I am thankful for the Book of Mormon that provides a relief from the outside world. I know this church and it's teachings to be true and I love to being able to share it with those around me!

     I hope you all have a great week! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

                      All my love,

                             Sister Sydney Jones

 I'm in the town that invented the we
went to the museum and now I'm on a bike!
Here's the cutest one in the whole

museum. #sattlebutt

This is how I felt during Sister Cebs

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