Monday, May 15, 2017


Clay masks to the max!

Dear Loved Ones,

      Well! Life is good! It started off kind of rough with Sister Olsen
having a stomach bug for the first part of the week. We were
quarantined in the flat for 48 hours. I've never stayed in the flat
for more than half a day when one of my companions have been sick, so this was a new experience. 

     We went through the entire area book and made over 300 phone calls to former investigators and potentials! Mercy! We were able to find 10 potential investigators and get a few return appointments, so that was cool. Not my idea of fun though, I was just itching to get outside and work! And ironically, the two days that we were stuck inside were absolutely beautiful! By Friday morning, the sky was filled with dark clouds and it was chucking down with rain. Hahah, Satan! We knew more opposition would come!
Renol, Sharin, and their wonderful Jesus painting.

       We went out to tract on Friday afternoon and met a guy named Ruben. He's 23 and is a clay modeler for Land Rover! How cool is that? He opened up about how he has really come to know God in the past year of his life because of some situations that he was put into. He told us what it feels like when he feels the spirit. He asked us what it was like for us to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives and we had an incredible opportunity to bare testimony about the change that it has wrot in us. He told us how he has been thinking about getting baptised for the last few months, but just hasn't done it yet. Woot! We continued to testify and it was a beautiful experience. He is unfortunately moving just outside our area, but we are excited to hear how it goes with him! Miracles!

The beautiful Vera Button all the way
from Pontypridd!

Real Indian curry and Red Lobster
cheese biscuits!
    On Saturday we went into Coventry city centre to go finding. I felt super prompted to stop this huge black body-builder man because he was looking tough and I simply wondered if he believed in God. Haha. His name was Wesley and turned out to be SO nice! A believer who had a lot of questions. He was excited to receive a Book of Mormon and continued to ask very inquisitive questions about how we gained our own faith in Jesus Christ. That is probably one of my favourite parts about being a missionary; being able to testify about how the gospel has changed me.  He continued to share his views and listen to ours and finally left us
with some very valuable life advice. Wesley told us to "tend to your
testimony daily".. Isn't that cool? Do something every single day to
strengthen your testimony! We hope to see him again soon!
This is Carol, a returning less-active!
She wore a skirt for the first time to church!! Woot!

      On Sunday we had five investigators at church!! It was wonderful! Kristina, Sarah Fox's best friend, came and absolutely loved it! Most of the ward members know her already and were thrilled to see her back at church. Renol and Sharin came to church as well and then left halfway through, which was super weird and we actually don't know what the deal was, but we are praying for them. Then a member family brought two nonmember neighbour kids to church, which was pretty cool!

     We felt so blessed! And then we had the opportunity to Skype our families at Sarah's house later that evening! I love my familia! It was a beautiful experience to bring my fourth Skype call to a close and simply focus on the last four weeks of my mission. I am greatly looking forward to all that my last few weeks has to offer us here in Coventry.
 Last Skype call w/ the fam!!
 #mommasgotafauxhawk #notreally #kinda

      I cannot even begin to comprehend how quickly the past 17 months have flown by. I am thankful for the humbling experience that this has been for me and the opportunity that I have had to access my Saviour's Atonement. I know that His love is infinite. I know that the plan that our Heavenly Father has set in place is the only way that we can be eternally happy. God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good! :) I hope you all enjoy your week and find a way to strengthen your testimony of your Saviour every single day!


           All my love,

                    Sister Sydney Jones
My trunky wheel is full! Never thought
this day would come! :)

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