Monday, April 24, 2017

Earn Your Pillow!

beautiful blossoms

All the cigarette packs are sold with this or some other warning on
them in this country.

 Senior prom or Stake Conference? #wewereconfusedtoo :)

Dear Loved Ones,

       I hate to be that missionary who writes a novel every week that no one wants to read, but I cannot possibly keep these incredible
experiences to myself. Therefore I must share them with you! :) 

Thanks you kindly for following my mission and for being apart of these precious memories. You support means everything to me!
Derek and the dinosaur.

      So, on Tuesday we had a tie-breaker challenge for the tied districts in the mission from challenge week. We were told that we would get a call between 1 and 3. When this call came in, we would have to give out 1 Book of Mormon, 3 leaflets, and invite 50 people to learn about our church. We met as a district in Coventry town centre, with the only option of winning. Nothing else mattered. EBM hoodies were on the line, so we were focused and determined to win! The call came, we went like the wind towards families and groups of people. We gave out all the paraphernalia and focused on getting 50 ITL's. Sister Cebollero's thumb was going crazy on the clicker, but we did it! The whole district finished in just under 4 minutes. It was insane! We texted the word DONE to the Assistants and just waited. We soon received a phone call explaining that we WON!!!! We totally screamed in the middle of town centre. We were SO pumped!
50 ITL's in 3 minutes! #winning

      Because we won, we are now enjoying a P-day in Birmingham with the Birmingham Zone! We just did a 3 legged race, a bean bag toss, human battleship, and a massive tug-of-war! It has been quite fun.  It's so fun to be with Sister Belnap, Dignos, and Price. All our MTC sisters reunited and soon to be returning home together! We just finished having a barbecue, playing lightening, and learning Chinese jujitsu from President Leppard. Such a fun day!
B-girl. 💁

Winning Zone/District

 MTC Group on Point ⬆️

Squad pic! 🤔

      Back to the week...we had two Zone Meetings which took up a load of our time, but we're SO spiritually uplifting! One Elder commented and spoke about how his dad told him to "earn his pillow" every single day of his mission. Meaning to work so hard during the day, that I earn the privilege of sleeping. It is absolutely the motivation for the rest of my mission! No time to waste, only time to work hard!
Lichfield Zone! We Love Each Other.

Coventry Zone! Just a Bunch of Misfits :)

      Sister Beazer, one of my STL's, came to visit with her family from Canada! They took us out to eat to enjoy gluten-free fish and chips.  It was so good to see her and catch up. She even gave us some very much needed returning home advice about adjusting back into normal life. Such a blessing. I love make mission memories with awesome people from all over the world!
Gluten-free Fish and Chips with Canada's Finest!

Dinner Date with Sister Beazer. One of My Faves <3

      We were walking in War Memorial Park on Saturday, when we stopped a 
woman named Carol from Kenya. We asked her if we could meet with her another time and she said "Yeah! Do you want to come now? Let's go!  It's not too far!" Little did we know it was a 35 minute walk away from the park and our car! Haha. And then we got to her flat complex and of course she lived on the very top floor! She lived at #15 which is super significant in both Sister Cebs and I's life. Besides the point. She sat us down, gave us apple juice and scones, and then we taught her the Restoration. It was a beautiful lesson and by the end she said "So, when are you coming back to see me?" AMAZING. We are so excited about #CarolfromKenya
Monty Python

Bus and a Pug

      Life and the work in Coventry is going well. We are working hard, specifically doing a lot of ground work, but we know that it will pay off. The Lord will provide a way! We are excited about the many people that are at the beginning stages and know that miracles are on the way.

      I am so grateful to be the Lord's servant at this time and in this
part of His vineyard. God is good and is over all. I know that Christ's Atonement truly does heal ALL things. I am grateful that my sins can be made as white as snow. 

He lives and His love is endless!

      All my love,

            Sister Sydney Jones

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