Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sunshine, Sari's, and Sunday

The smallest mini coop I've ever seen! 

Good Evening from England! 

      What a terribly hot week here in the UK. Upwards of 26C (78F)! It was BLAZIN! The humidity was something else too. There is almost no point to doing our hair or make up because we sweat it off in no time. This week is supposed to be full of rain and storms, so we can't find a happy medium here in The UK!  
A Dobby door knocker! I LOVE ENGLAND! 

      We tracked hundreds of doors this week. HUNDREDS. And no one wanted to know. A few people told us how much they respected what we did, but no one who wanted to have us back to teach their families. It was brutal to say the least. The "famine" in the land has been very real for the past couple weeks and we just haven't been able to break it. I am reminded of the scripture "patience in long-suffering" when I think of the lack of success that we have been seeing here in Coventry. I know that the miracle dam will break and we will be seeing more miracles than we could ever possibly imagine. The Lord is absolutely aware of our needs and I know He will provide a way! 
Saturday sports are LEGENDARY! 

The duo was back together for 24 hours.

      On Thursday we enjoyed district meeting and interviews with President Leppard. It was my last interview with him and it was wonderful. We talked about Coventry and how things are going with the ward and Sister Olsen and I was able to give him a happy report! I look forward to my departing interview with him in a few weeks time. In my interview, President said "I expect you, as the Lord expects of you, to be a strong woman." I know how important it is to be STRONG and firm in my testimony, but when he said this, it was a reminder to me of how important it is to just be strong. I loved that could call from him. While we were in district meeting, this thought came to my head: "We are 18-20 year old kids sitting in a chapel in England talking about people's salvation. Isn't that amazing?" Wow. How the Lord saw fit to send his youth into the world to preach His word, I will never know, but it is amazing. We are so trusted and have such a heavy responsibility to essentially 'save the world'! No pressure. I feel so privileged to be able to dedicate my life for 18 months to something that I love so much. I know this work is God's and that we are simply His hands! 
 The coolest Zambian RC ever! Arthur is amazing!
      We went on exchanges in Banbury with the STL's this week and it was wonderful to be reunited with Sister Cebollero yet again. I have been so richly blessed with such incredible companions! I have honestly learned so much from them all! 
The beautiful peach coloured sari from Sister Masih

Sister Olsen's sari and my traditional
suit & genie trousers (pants)..

 I haven't been dressed by someone in years!! Lol.
Sister Masih was so impressed at how
beautiful they looked on us white women! :

      On Saturday evening, we went to the Masih's for dinner. They have been members for over 30 years and are incredible cooks! We enjoyed a lovely traditional Indian meal and then. Sister Masih brought down her sari's from her closet so that we could try them on! This totally fulfilled one of my mission goals. Holla. We felt like we could've been in Bollywood! It was amazing! After we were done trying them on, Sister Masih wrapped them up and put them on our laps and said "I want you to have them." Tears filled my eyes. We felt so undeserving of these beautiful handmade clothes, but she insisted! We were so grateful! She also gave me an Indian suit to wear as well that fit me like a glove. She exclaimed that it's meant to be! :) I am so thankful for the hospitality of the members here. We are so blessed! The many different cultures that fill our lives every single day is amazing!! #blessed

Lunch with Guyon and Athena today!
Traditional Korean and Chinese food. Such awesome members! 
    On Sunday, I was pretty much holding out for a miracle, due to the lack of success during the week. Little did we know, the Lord had a plan in store! Kristina came to church and loved it! Maria came to Spanish sacrament and loved it! And midway through gospel principles class, we were pulled out and told that a family was here to see us. IT WAS THE FOLEMI FAMILY!!! Joy & Akanole came with their 4 beautiful children all dressed in their Sunday best! What a beautiful sight to see. They were an hour and a half late because they couldn't find the chapel, so they went back to their house and called a taxi to follow it to the church. Joy said they weren't about to give up because she promised the Lord that "I be in your church tomorrow God. With all my family, I will be there! I promise!" Ahhh. AMAZING! They loved the classes that they were able to attend and we're so thankful to us for introducing them to the church. Wow. We absolutely cannot wait to see them this week! Please pray for this family!!

      As I am nearly through with my 18 month journey here in the UK, I wanted to inform you about my homecoming. It will be on June 25th @ 1pm at the Rigby Idaho South Stake Center. The address is: 106 North 3800 East 83442. We will be staying for all 3 hours and then having a gathering at my home later that day. For more info, please talk to my momma.
 BUTTS! Not even Butts Road...just butts. Lol.

More Butts. 😂

      Thank you all so much for the support and prayers that you have given me over the course of my mission. I am so grateful for you! I hope you have a wonderful week and are encouraged by the blessings that the Lord gives you. Ask yourself this question: Do you have the courage to leap? If the Lord prompts you to do something/change something, will you do it? Take the leap of faith and do what He asks of you. I promise that His plan is far better than yours! 

             All my love,

                       Sister Sydney Jones
Just a screen shot of a video we were asked to make about
why we came on our missions (: 

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