Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to Paradise.

Picturesque Welsh ponies & fog.

Dear fam, 

       So here's how the story goes... We got to our flat at about 7:30p.m., after a full day of travel. Keep in mind that we were about to walk into a flat that has been used by elders for 10 years (hence the pink-washing phrase). It was dark and damp and our luggage was heavy. I unlock the door and the smell of musky elders invades my nostrils. I turn on the light and trip over a banana. "What the heck?" I look up only to see bananas on every other step of the stairs. Thank you elders. Our first 20 minutes consisted of us searching every nook and cranny for 41 BANANAS! On the toilet, in the cupboards, under the beds...everywhere. Not to mention, they were all mostly brown. The note that they left said, "Welcome to Paradise". Hahah, we found a lot of other hidden treasures too. A DVD player, movies, sound systems, smelly socks; the lot. The biggest kicker was that we spent a few hours scrubbing mold off the walls. Needless to say, we have got A LOT of work to do before it reaches any type of paradisicle glory! :) 
41 disgusting bananas.

Our two story chapel here in Ponty. Cool spire, eh?

      We have had a lot of hard things to deal with this week and as a result, only spent about 8 hours in our own area. Pontypridd is beautiful. There are a lot of humble people here and I know that we are here for a reason. We have a beautiful girl named Melinda on a baptismal days for the 21st of January. We have a lot of work to do, but all will be well! 

       At church yesterday, it was fast and testimony meeting and we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the ward. About 45-60 active people. After we bore out testimonies, nearly everyone after that spoke about how grateful they were to have Sister Missionaries in the ward. Many of our members were originally converted by sisters, so that's cool! The spirit was STRONG! The final testimony was from President Spragg of the Stake Presidency. With tear-filled eyes, he told the ward of the high reguard that Sister Funk and I were held under. That they have got the best of the best serving in their midst. "Pontypridd is like a sleeping giant. And I KNOW that these sisters are here to awaken that sleeping giant!" He then told us of how just a few months earlier, members of the ward and Stake Presidency went a-top the tallest hill in Ponty and dedicated the area for missionary work. That the people here would be prepared to receive the gospel. They called down ministering angels and I know that we will be witnesses to the miracles that they will work among us. 
Thank you H&M for these lovely additions to our wardrobe! 

 As my eyes filled with tears, my heart swelled with gratitude, and I received the confirmation that I desired. I know that Sister Funk and I are here to make a massive impact on this ward and this area. There are 5 young woman here that are seriously considering missions, and if they are anything like I was when my ward got sisters, I know they will eventually make it to the beloved mission field! We look forward to going on many splits with them here soon. 
Last time together. #byebyeMerthyr 🙁

      This has genuinely been an extremely hard week. We were brought to our knees more times than we can count. The pressure is real and it is quite overwhelming majority of the time, BUT 'Bloom where you are planted' right? I know that we are surrounded by ministering angels and the miracles will come. All things are possible. 
It's been a rough one..

      This week, my thoughts were turned to the question, "What am I becoming?" With the multiple areas and plethora of companions that I have had, am I learning what I need to be from them all? I hope that I am changing, growing, and being stretched and in all the ways that the Lord needs me to be. My testimony of the Atonement is strengthened every day that I fall to the side of my bed in exhaustion and ask for strength and forgiveness. I am being humbled constantly and reminded that I absolutely cannot do anything without my Saviour. He is my strength and my guide. We look forward to a good week and many miracles to come! 

      Have a good week and don't forget to look for those tender mercies!! 

              All my love,

                      Sister Sydney Jones

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