Monday, January 2, 2017

The World is Your Oyster

REPRESENT. #keepingupwiththeJONESES

Dear fam,

      What a week. Biggest news first I guess. We got dodge calls last night (expecting Sister Berrett to leave), only to find out that we are being WHITE WASHED. Sister Berrett will be going to the Forest of Dean (where they filmed Harry Potter 7) and I will be going 10 minutes up the road to Pontypridd (ponty-preeth). Talk about an absolute blindside. I am absolutely gutted that I am leaving after only being here for 5 weeks. I love this ward and will miss it so much. I know there must be something so much greater behind all of this. It's hard to comprehend now, but there just HAS to be more to the story.

      So, I will be getting the wonderful Sister Funk from Idaho! We will be pink washing this area and it will be Sister Funk’s first transfer as an STL. It will be an exciting adventure! Last night as I was pondering why in the world this is happening, I was reminded of my favourite scripture, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13 No hill is too big, no area too hard, no challenge too impossible to overcome...with Christ and a great companion. ALL WILL BE WELL! :)
Serving in paradise.

The beautiful, freezing coast. Going to miss this girl!

      This week we had the priviledge of meeting Elder Paul V. Johnson of the seventy. We had an MLC with him on Tuesday and it was brilliant. President Leppard chose Sister B and I to do a role play with Elder Johnson and his wife Jill as the investigators. We had no time to be nervous! So, we taught them about repentance and at the end I extended the invitation, "As representatives of Jesus Christ, will you repent of those things that are holding you back from moving forward in life?" The spirit was so strong. They accepted, of course, and then President said, "Well, now you'll be able to say that you've invited a seventy to repent!" Haha. We had a good laugh.
Jenga with the Miles fam! We absolutely adore these kids. 

      After the meeting, I was asked to be interviewed by Elder Johnson. It was such a cool experience. We talked about my family for a bit and then the things that I personally think the mission is struggling with at the moment. He was very genuine and listened closely to what I had to say. The following day at the quad-zone conference, we received training from the Johnsons and Leopards on many topics including repentance. I felt like the trainings were given just to me. It was an absolute spiritual feast and I loved it. It was such a priviledge to be taught by such an inspired man. 
Just thought you might like to see what it looks like to go
through a drive through on the other side. It's still quite trippy! 

      We met with a man named Layton this week whose father is a Jehovah's Witness. Throughout the lesson, his dad would come out with the most ridiculous questions and we would do our best to answer them before her barged in with another one. One question in particular, Layton stepped in before we could even answer and explained exactly what we would have. The spirit was incredible as he, an investigator, bore testimony to his father of why Adam and Eve had to partake of the fruit. POWERFUL. We are extremely hopeful about him and his family!
The Davids.. This family is full of so much talent and love!

Laser tagging today.

       On Sunday, Brother Jones gave an excellent talk on who we need to be this coming year. He explained how we need to be as galloping horses running towards a fresh bale of hay, verses a stubborn sheep who won't listen to its shepherd. I desire to be the one who runs willingly toward whatever task I am asked to do. I know that there are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind. Onward and upward this coming year! Be a horse, not a sheep. 

-After stopping a man on the street, "have you ever prayed before?" "Yeah, I'm gonna be praying that I don't meet anymore religious people on the way home this morning!" Haha

-I passed my theory(written) driving test! Woot!

       I have loved serving with Sister Berrett for the past 5 weeks. We've had a lot of fun building up this area and are excited to see what will come of it, with the new sisters coming here. She's got 6 weeks left and then she's homeward bound! I'm so grateful for all of my incredible companions. 
We found the Weesleys car. No big deal.

      I'm a little terrified about what the next week will hold for us, it will be an interesting one. President is REAL good at putting me in uncomfortable situations. I'm on my 5th area and 9th companion in 13 months. I must be a problem missionary or something ;) all will be well. 

       This church is true. The Atonement WORKS. I am so grateful to be here, no matter the challenges that lie a head. God is good! 

All my love,

Sister Jones

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