Monday, January 30, 2017

Tender Mercies from The Almighty!

Top of the world...or Wales.

Dearest fam,
      On Tuesday evening we went to Val's home for tea(dinner). She welcomed us gratefully and said "prepare yourself". Great. It began with half a melon and 5 strawberries each. I braved it through the melon; nervous for the next course. She then brought out a full cooked dinner. All the veg, delicious meat, and blessed yorkshires. Of course it was already smothered in gravey, because that's how they do it here. Sister Tarapi and I were struggling to finish it, but alas, our left legs were opened and the food did go down! And for the final course, what else but a famous British trifle?! Mercy, this thing was the size of a small car tire! Just FYI, trifle is the one thing, next to brussel sprouts, that causes me to have a gag-reflux like none other. Sorry, TMI. Trifle is basically a layered mixture of jello, soggy fruit, and sponge cake. She gave us each MASSIVE scoops. I choked a few bites down and then Sister Tarapi, a sweet little Filipino sister, gave me the head nod to switch her bowls while Val stepped out of the room. Tender mercy.
Meet Thor. (Awwwweeee)

                 Merthyr exchanges. Da bomb. 

          We LOVE tracking in the sun

      It has been mostly cloudy, most of the time this week. We had a few patches of sunshine which we are indeed grateful for! I am so looking forward to the happy, smiling people of the United States of America. The weather tends to be quite miserable, so the people begin to be the same. But, we enjoy the opportunity to invite light into their lives by way of the Gospel :) Whenever the sun is shining in good ole Wales, it is indeed a tender mercy!!
British rock walls.

I <3 this girl!!
      We went to the doctors twice this week, once for my wrist and the other for my eyeballs. After I fell on my wrist a second time, I was pretty sure that I broke it. But after some fervent prayer, we went to the A&E, I took the brace off, moved my wrist around with no trouble, and told the doc that "the Lord healed me". "The Lord healed you?" "Yes sir! The Lord had healed me!" Therefore, he proceeded to write down "the Lord has healed her" on his special doctor papers :) We then got to share a bit of the Gospel with him! #ABF #alwaysbefinding #tendermercy 
My beautiful Andrea & Lowri

       On Sunday, we went to the Williams for Sunday dinner and our beautiful Andrea and Lowri were our special guests! Our starter was fettuchini alfredo, then we had tarragon chicken with veg and potatoes, and then we topped it off with Ben & Jerry's ice cream! It was gorgeous. We discussed our GOLD from church and had a lovely time. I was so grateful to hear little Lowri testify about how she felt the spirit so strongly at church. They are both absolutely thriving and I am so grateful! Without a doubt, I know that I was sent to this mission to find them. I am so humbled to know that the Lord is mindful of me and these precious 18 months.

      I have reflected this week on how incredibly quick my time is flying out here. I have 130+ days to give my all to the Lord. I desire so desperately to be a changed woman and to understand His will for me. I know that as I humble myself and ask for His guidance, that we will be able to see many mighty miracles here in Pontypridd. We have had some very significant spiritual experiences involving our obedience and following the spirit this week and I know that they will not cease! The Lord has a plan for this area and we only desire to fulfill it! 
     Just for your information, Wales is beautiful.. 
       I love you all so much! Thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers! I feel them! 

                Sister Sydney Jones

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