Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday Will Come

Dear fam,

      Boy did I experience a HUGE learning curve this week. Trials and opposition have been around every corner this week. From busting up my wrist in basketball on Monday, to people cutting us off, and every other little thing that could've caused us to murmur. Satan had his grasp around me reeeaallll tight this week. I would complain when I dropped my pen, saying that "He has it out to get us this week!" Mercy.. Not my proudest moment. I didn't realise how difficult was making my own situation. I'm sure the adversary played a small role in the trials that we received, but I made it worse with my own murmurings. How silly is that? 
 This is Maizey, my new pal.

      As I read in my scriptures this morning, I came to the part where Nephi was tied up on the boat for hours. When he was finally released, he "praised him all the day long, and did not murmur." What a great example. He could've rebuked his brothers and complained to the Lord for his trails, but no, he thanked the Lord that he was alive and free. Oh how I desire to be like the courageous Nephi!
First pic in the new wheels! So fun! 
      On Sunday morning, we found the reason for so much opposition; Jack. Originally from Zambia, but from Norway most of his life. He learned from missionaries a few times back home and then lost contact because he came over here for Uni. Has a wife, son, and daughter. Beautiful. He looked up the chapel and showed up 10 to 10, dressed in his Sunday best of course. We were shocked. I mean, you hear these miracle stories all the time but just assume that they will never happen to you! He has been reading the Book of Mormon for two years and has been praying to know if it is God's word. He said that "There is something special here, and I feel like it is changing my life." Wow. His testimony is powerful and his intentions are clear.  He loved church and we will be seeing him again this week. He said he had nothing better to do on a Sunday, so he might as well come and be with God's people! :) AMEN! HALLELUJAH! His new fellowshipper is Brother Isaksen from Norway. We can't wait to have lessons in Norwegian with them! The Lord does provide!! 
Brand-spankin-new. (Only 86 miles to be exact)

      We stopped by a Less-Active named Elizabeth on Thursday and she let us straight in. Single mom, desiring to come back to church but hasn't had the opportunity just yet. We knocked on her door and it was an answer to her prayers. Bless! We are so excited to see her and her little girl tonight.
      I am so grateful for my wonderful companion Sister Funk. She reminds me that things are actually going to be okay and gives me every opportunity in the world to talk to her about all of my little concerns. This has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but she is such a rock to me. It is such a blessing to have a spiritual companionship. I have missed it so much. We are in tune and on the same page. Nothing better than that. So grateful.
Sister Funk went from a girl, to a woman this week! Hello 1 year mark!
(I know it looks like we're in a pub, it's because we are.
And I know that bottle looks like beer, but it's not.
We were just there for the carvary and to see Andrea, promise.)

      We picked up a brand new car on Friday. This one doesn't sound like it's going to break when it goes faster than 50mph! Woot! It smells so nice and rides so smooth. #blessed.

      We played basketball last Monday and I was in a skirt and boots. I made the shot and started jogging backward and fell, catching myself on my right hand. Mmmeeerrrcccyy. The doc thinks it's a fracture in my scafoid(?), but we find out for sure on Friday. I think I'll be alright though. Fingers crossed that I won't have to get a cast. 
Exchanges with Sister Jampapan and Nkomo!
Seriously THEE funnest exchange ever!! 

       Exchanges were awesome as always and I absolutely LOVE my calling. I learn so much from the sisters that I am able to serve! As I was telling Sister Jampapan about my worries of going home in 5 months, she said "I don't have to worry, because I know that the Lord has a plan. And if I am faithful to the Commandments, then I know He will bless me." Well of course He will! Don't waste time worrying, when the Lord already has everything sorted. All we have to do is be faithful and obedient and we will be blessed! 
On our way back from B'Ham and we caught this sign! Woot! Welcome Home. 

The one and only Sister Willmore that I absolutely adore so much.
 She gives hugs just like mum does.

      In closing, I know that Sunday will come. No matter how terrible the day or the week, your "Sunday" will come. The relief from the troubles and the struggles of life will pause for a small moment so that you may recieve the reassurance that you need to move forward. My 'reassurance' came in the form of a blessing that I received late yesterday evening. "Be of good cheer. All will be well." It is true. I know it. :) 

Love from the UK, 

Sister Sydney Jones

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