Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Mighty Adventures of Puggy and Syd the Kid

Rolling hills for miles and miles.


Autumn in England....ITS FREEZING!

Hello all, 

      Our week began with a Halloween evening spent indoors with homemade pizza and laughter. Nothing better. There were no killer clowns in town centre, only loud fireworks. Blessings. 

      Tuesday was easily the busiest day of my entire mission. We had 5 lessons scheduled with 5 different investigators and 2 hours of service planned selling poppies for the British Legion. It was all great initially, but we forgot to plan in time to eat lunch and dinner...but we had no time to be hungry. We would step out of a lesson and start running to the next appointment. We were blessed to not have to much traffic while on the busses. The biggest blessing of all was that NONE of our lesson flogged! Woot! We got 2 new investigators and made it home by curfew; exhausted and starving, but very happy!  
Our wonderful Phyllis.
She feeds us every week and we always have a good laugh! 

      On Thursday we went to Margaret's house for tea. We sat down to the table and she told us that we were having faggots and mushy peas. I had heard about this meal my whole mission and honestly thought I would get away without having it, but no. The plates came out and there was a mountain of lukewarm mushy peas. Mercy. Then we see the beloved faggots. These babies are filled with all the undesirable parts of an animal of which we do not know. The texture was enough to cause a gag reflux, but we both kept it down. Miracles. Not 20 minutes after we left my stomach was in fits screaming, "what the heck did you feed me?!?!" Wooowwweeeeee. Never again, faggots. Never again. Fun fact: during this same meal, Sister Pugmire managed to poor the entire bottle of salt ALL over her food. Margaret told her to have a go, so she did and nearly finished her whole plate. But she didn't escape without a stomach ache either. Mission memories..

      Saturday night was Bonfire night! Woot! Thanks Guy Fawkes. The fireworks were endless. In this country, anyone can buy the big commercial fireworks. So, when we say there were fireworks going off all night, we mean the BIG ones. Not the snaps or colour bombs. Boom. Boom. Boom. It was crazy. There was a thick layer of firework haze when we went to church the next morning. Apparently the fireworks won't stop until the new year. The British people love it. 
Our view from the double decker.
Fun fact for you: Double decker buses don't just stay in the city,
they go out into the sticks and all sorts. So fun.

 Archie and a pony.

      It is absolutely frigid here. I honestly have no clue how cold it is, but we are already fighting to stay warm and it's only November 7th. Mercy. It's the kind of cold that skips the skin and goes straight to the bones. But it's fine, it's fine...we will survive. Hopefully.
Leaf as big as yo face! 

      On Sunday, we practiced with our 7 primary kids for the primary program next week. Sister Pugmire is playing the piano and I am the lucky chap that gets to hold up the words for the kids to read. Sweet! It should be fun.
      For my departing words this evening, I would just like to say farewell to the America that we once knew to be great. Trump. Clinton. We're doomed. I might just stay here come June next year.. I would say, "Please vote for......" but it's going to be a disaster either way. So, take your pick folks! :) Good luck and prayers up! 
The glass cone. Stourbridge is known for glass blowing.
Men used to stand inside the cone in a circle with their pipes towards the centre fire
and then blow the glass into amazing things! 

      This church is true. The blessings to obtain are many when we follow Christ. I am grateful for the solidifying anchor that my Saviour is to me. I know that all things are possible through Him. I hope you all are working towards coming to know this man who gave His life for you. What a blessing it is to be here and to be serving the Lord. Thank you for your continued support and examples to me. 

     Cheers mate! 


                 Sister Sydney Jones

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