Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Exhausted & Happy As Ever

A traditional Philippines dinner.
4 types of meat and TONS of flavour! SO GOOD! 

Dear fam, 

      I'm writing this email while I am learning how to salsa by my Peruvian brother. Holla. My district is great and we are working hard! We are constantly laughing and sharing success stories from our missionary work. I'd have it no other way! 
Dominic was baptized just a month ago and surprised us with a FLOWCHART of the Book of Mormon!
How cool is he??? You can see how proud he is of it on his face!
Ahh. What an amazing man! 

      We have had a beautifully long, hard working week! Exchanges were wonderful and busy! I saw how busy and stressful the calling of a Sister Training Leader is and am floored at the stamina that they have! I learned so much from Sister Tenney. 
Selling poppies and sipping hot coco.

      In one instance, we were talking to a man on the street for about 30 minutes and were getting absolutely no where, because of his lack of listening skills. Sister Tenney goes to testify about how none of us are perfect and he stops her to say "Well, that's a woman's problem." "Excuse me?" "That's a woman's problem, men don't have to worry about not being perfect." "And we're leaving! Good by sir!" Hahah what a turkey. 
Coordination with the 5'2 Brother Stanton.

 P-days are the best.

      We have been flogged a lot this week, which isn't the funniest thing, but we are excited for the coming week! Adam is getting baptized this Friday at 7pm! Woot! We are so pumped! We know that Satan works hardest on baptism weeks, so we are PREPARED! He is so prepared and I have been privileged to see the change that has been wrought in him. After his baptismal interview he asked us "How soon can I start home teaching?" Man, can you ask for anything better? 
 Street tacos made by yours truly. Nothing better!
      There is so much that I desire to do before I leave here in two weeks time. We will be busy and probably exhausted...but it will be worth it! Our teaching pool is BIG and we are working on getting it to be a little deeper. We are working with some cool people right now and I'm excited to see how it goes. 
My best friend made me some pj's

      Sister Pugmire and I are loving serving with each other. We are laughing constantly and currently working on a Ukulele mixtape. Ha. Just kidding. But life is good and we are thoroughly enjoying every moment. The ward is taking great care of us. We are going to the Bishop's house tonight to play Clue and eat curry! Party.

                                                              French pastries!! Beautiful sweets.

      I know this work is of God and that the power of the Holy Ghost is real! I feel the truthfulness of this gospel every time I testify about it. We have some great goals this week to see miracles and know that the Lord is on our side! Blessings are many and I am so grateful! I hope you all have a wonderful week and are praying that He will show you the path that you need to walk. 

           All my love, 

                     Sister Sydney Jones
Sister Tenney and I on exchange. 
Our lunch consisted of these nasty fruit bars that smelled and tasted like dog food. 
Thank you, Whole Foods, for this waste of calories.

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