Tuesday, November 29, 2016

And Back to Wales she goes!

England. Hills. Cows. Puddles. Mud. Cute missionaries. 

Apparently this clock is the oldest in
Stourbridge...so I had to a picture with it.

Surprise, surprise! 

       On Sunday afternoon, we were waiting for tea to be done at our ward mission leaders house and I got a call from President Leppard. He said "Sister Jones, how are those shoulders?" "They're fine President.." "Great. Well, the Lord has called you to be a Sister Training Leader. Welcome to the MLC!" Aannnndddddd, that's basically the jist of the conversation! Mercy. Haha. And get this.... I will be heading to Merthyr Tydfil, Wales! Back to Wales for Christmas! 
      I spent 6 months in Wales at the beginning of my mission, the next six months in England, and now I am headed back to Wales! I'm going home for Christmas... Isn't that just beautiful?! If you have followed my mission, you know how much I love Wales and you will understand how happy I am about my new assignment! :) 

My new companion will be Sister Berrett, previously my STL. Pretty sure she is from Utah and is wonderful. 

      Some fun things that come with this new assignment are that I will be learning to drive on the left side of the road...HA. It actually feels quite normal, having been here a year now, but it's still scary. The roads are a heck of a lot smaller than back home. Suck in! I will be able to work with the sisters in the Cardiff and Merthyr Zones. A.k.a. My lovely Caerphilly sisters! Dreams do come true. And basically just work and serve in a bigger capacity, which I am so looking forward to. It will be brilliant!
Serenading Margaret... :) 

The Woodbridge district! Elders are dumb. ❤

Our investigator, Karen

My Andrea and Lowri at the visitors centre in London!

Chips as Big as Your Face!

       We had a good hard week! It was filled with nearly every ailment imaginable. Colds, coughs, sneezes, congestion, pre-frostbite, second-hand smoke, exhaustion, cramps, dizziness, bruises, too many emotions, back/shoulder pain, homesickness, weepy eyes(from colds and sadness), numb body parts, and of course aching legs from running after buses. Mercy. Our patience and motivation were tested, but we have lived to see another week!

My favourites, Ann and Margaret! Legends.

The Stantons! We LOVE this family. 

Our neighbours cat Jasmine. She 23. Never thought
 I'd ever see a cat that old again in my life, so we took a picture together :) 

Christmas jumpers!

      MY LAST WEEK WITH SISTER PUGGY. Guawh! It's not fun at all to have so many "last times" with someone that you love so much. We have had a lot of trials come our way this transfer, but have been able to overcome them and still see success. We helped Adam get to baptism and were able to strengthen our ward. And all the while, building a friendship that will last far beyond the mission. Sister Pug has taught me how to play the ukulele, make cinnamon rolls, how to talk with EVERYONE, and has shown me so much love. What more could a companion want? I am so grateful that we were able to serve together in this blessed country! She will be getting Sister Timu from Australia and I know they will get on great. I look forward to all that they will be able to accomplish here. 

      Saying goodbye to the ward was not my favourite thing ever. I was asked to give a departing testimony, in which it was hard to hold back my emotions with all the love that I have in my heart for these wonderful people. We really do become apart of the ward, especially when it is so small. Only a few tears were shed, but the comfort of these eternal friendships will keep me going! The Lord indeed has a plan. I will miss this ward very much, but know that it is in good hands. God speed!
Havin' a laugh and eating Thanksgiving pizza. 

How we actually felt this week.... (: 

      Our Thanksgiving was spent in our flat, in our pjs, with a freshly delivered pizza. Hahaha. That's one for the books. It was actually quite fun. We played Phase 10 and enjoyed the thought of our families gathered around a beautiful turkey, having a laugh without us. Actually...we were struggling not to cry, but we did fight through it! :) I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and were thankful to be around them. (:

       Onward and upward! Time to get packed and move back to Wales tomorrow. The change will be good. There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone! I'm prepared to be uncomfortable! It will be good to see Sister B and Sister Swasey tomorrow. Sister Swasey is training, which means I will be a mission grandma! 3 generations in the field! Woot! She will do great. 

      Right, time to go! May you all be blessed and fill your lives with the light of Christ. Visit Mormon.org and watch the new Christmas initiative for 2016. It's brilliant. Let us all serve someone new every day of December! If you do your part, I know the world will be a little brighter this Christmas. 

       Happy holidays beautiful people!

                 Taa-bit from the Black Country. 


                           All my love,

                             Sister Sydney Jones🇬🇧

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