Saturday, November 12, 2016

Moustaches & Miracles

Lovin' the Mish

Elder Cook!

Dear everybody, 

      I am having the time of my life here in England! We had some incredible experiences this week with following the spirit. 

      We came out of a shop and I received a prompting to talk to a lady that passed us. After we gathered our things, she was down the street and in the middle of a crowd of people. As we began to chase her, I stopped halfway down and questioned if it was worth it to keep going. YES! Of course it was! We eventually caught up to her and the only thing that I could think to say to her was that she was loved. That she was a child of a God who loved her so much. Tears filled her eyes and told us that it was something that she needed to hear for months. She told us that she had been homeless for 2 years and just recently got a home and was in the process for getting her life together. Her name is Rachel. She is a beautiful daughter of God and we are so excited to see her this Wednesday! 

Just the happiest sister missionaries ever.. :)

This picture is coming at you after a long day of missionary work!

Feelin' Foxy

      We went to teach a lesson on Friday morning. We begin by saying a prayer and then we ask her how her reading has been going. She said "Frankly, I can't believe a word." Woah. We weren't expecting that. We back pedalled a little bit and went back to the Restoration and why we needed this particular book of scripture. (The Book of Mormon) We eventually found out that she hadn't even read the book yet, only what the things on the internet said about it. The spirit was so strong as we testified that if she actually read the book, that she would feel the power and the truthfulness of it. She accepted our invitation to read it and then to pray about what she feels. We are excited to see her this Friday. 
 Halloween is the greatest. And so is my companion.

      We were getting on the bus this week and Sister Pugmire was enjoying herself a U.K. Snickers. Just as she goes to take another bite, an old lady standing behind her says "You'll get fat!" I turn around and give her the weirdest look ever and Sister Pug simply replies "Oh" and takes another bite. Hahaha we could not stop laughing when we sat down. We came up with all sorts of comebacks after the fact, but it made for a good memory.  

      We are teaching some REALLY cool people this week. We have 12 return appointments with potentials and investigators this week. Nearly every single day is already planned and we have to squeeze very important things into really no time. Haha strug. Mission life is the greatest. We are working hard and seeing miracles around every corner. 

Sherlock Holmes & Cousin It.

      As today is Halloween, we will be in our flats early, making homemade pizza, and setting up the new Area Book Planner App! Woot! There are supposed to be "killer clowns" in town centre tonight, so we will be kept safe! Bonfire night (Guy Faux Night) is this Saturday, so I don't think we'll be getting much sleep, as we are in the middle of town and fireworks don't stop until the AM. Soooo fun! ;) HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃 

Cigarette shop named Asma. Hahaha.

8) Our investigator Adam and his fiancée Linda.
Adam will be baptised on the 18th of November! Woot! 

      I have been out for 11 months this week. I cannot comprehend how quickly time is flying. We are so busy and are on the brink of so many success stories for our investigators. I love this experience. I am happy. I am laughing LOADS. And I feel the love! Thanks for all that you do! 

      I hope you have a wonderful week and find blessings around every corner. We are so blessed!

           All my love,

                  Sister Sydney Jones

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