Monday, September 26, 2016

Life is a merry-go-round...

Instagram it.
British clock tower and dark English skies.


      This week was a good one. We had quite a few challenging moments, but were able to overcome them :) We worked very hard to follow up with loads of potentials, walking far and wide to contact them all. As a result, the shin splints from my greenie days have found me yet again, but all is well! We are meeting some amazing people and are being well looked after by the ward.
I'm actually terrified of horses..but this pony was rather nice and didn't smell too bad.

      We met a former investigator named Jayson who was so pleased that we stopped by. He expressed the difference that he felt in his life as a result of reading the Book of Mormon and has a desire to have that with him again. A.k.a. The spirit. So, we have an appointment with him on Thursday and he said he will be coming with us to General Conference this weekend! Woot! I don't say this very often, but I know that this man will accept the Gospel into his life and be baptized. I know it. It was a spiritual experience that I know the Lord provided me with. I look forward to helping Jayson understand the spirit more fully in his life and help him to progress towards baptism. Oh and he's only 22 and owns two businesses already. Such an amazing man! Good things to come! 

Annnddddddd...8 inches later, I finally cut my hair after 9 months. Meet Natalie, the woman that restored my faith in hairdressers. My actual biggest fear is getting my hair cut, so I was grateful for a calm, experienced hairdresser. We managed to actually teach her while getting my hair cut! Woot! #missiongoals

I saw this sign and literally thought I stepped into the ghetto.
Not SPOILED, but SPOILT. Haha, England is great.

      On Friday, we had 5 minutes until the bus would come, so we decided to hop on the merry-go-round at the park adjacent from us. We set our backpacks down, Sister K gave it a spin, and we were off! All of the sudden we find ourselves surrounded by a group of 12 year old turkies (adolescent boys) who proceed to take turns seeing how fast they could make the merry-go-round go. MERCY. My lunch was nearly spewed all over them. All the while, I was contemplating how we were going to explain to President how our backpacks got stolen while we were on the merry-go-round. After about 2 solid minutes of torture and threatening, Sister K flew off (unintentionally) and I came to a stop. We both staggered to our backpacks to find that everything was intact, body parts and iPads, thank heavens. It turns out that they weren't complete turkies, just having a laugh at our expense. But we did end up teaching them about the word of wisdom, so that was great! Ahhh, good times! 

Birmingham Zone...Our personal secretaries called us just as the picture was being taken.
 Our mission fam! AP Wagner and DL Zegarra.
Nothing better than family! 

     I am so excited for General Conference this weekend. The Woman's Session that we watched last night was brilliant. I know that when we bring questions to the Lord and desire them to be answered this weekend, that he will do just that. He will provide us with the help that we need. Full up your cups this weekend and come listen to a prophets voice! Thomas S. Monson is inspired and will lead us home. Let the spirit influence you for good. 

I found a Pomeranian and fell in love. #puppylove

      I hope and pray that you all know how much the Lord loves you. As a missionary, I have the opportunity to see people as Christ sees them. Granted, it isn't always easy and that love isn't cheap. But it is a profound experience to love someone past all of their imperfections. God loves us perfectly and only desires to hear from us. Talk to Him. Confide in Him. He will make you whole! 

 On Saturdays we eat at chippy's and go finding.

      Have a beautiful week and know that you are so prayed for and loved. Thank you for your prayers and love. I feel it! It is getting quite cold over here, the wet and rainy season is upon us! Time to strap on the wellies and get to work! 

God bless and take care.

All my love,

Sister Sydney Jones 

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