Monday, September 12, 2016

Stourbridge reminds me of Wales

Last picture w/ Sister Swasey and King Richard III. Aren't we cute? :)

Dear family and friends,
      Transfers came and went. Saying goodbye to Sister Swasey was the hardest thing since leaving home. But she is doing well! It was a pleasure to see all the missionaries at the mission home and my beloved Sister B. She is now an STL and killin' it in Coventry. 

Sister Knudsen, my new trainee
Stourbridge missionaries. Elder Stephenson and I are big deal.

      I picked up Sister Knudsen and we made our way to Stourbridge, England. She is from Jerome, Idaho and her family is currently in Korea while her dad is in the Army. We are pretty sure that we probably played each other in basketball back home. We h
have gotten along great and are working hard here in S-Bridge. 
The famous Birmingham building! We found it! 

     The ward is as small as they said it would be! The are literally 30 people. 3/4 of them are elderly ladies over the age of 70 and named Mildred, Margaret, or Mary. There are only 7 Priesthood holders, so we are thin on the ground. Our bishop gave us a special assignment to go out and find a new bishop! Haha no pressure. He has been the bishop for 6 years, but there is no one to take his place. So we are working hard to find the elect potential priesthood holders here! 
Stourbridge reminds me SO much of Wales! Misty rain and rolling hills. <3

     We had a cool experience on Saturday. We both prayed about a street and it took us 4 times to finally get one that matched. The street was Bright Street. We knocked on the first door and the ladies happened to live there were cousins to a member of our ward. They invited us in and sat us down to their table and fed us a HUGE meal. They let us share a message with them and then send us on our way. The food was wonderful and Jean and Megan made our day a little brighter on Bright Street! 
Skittles night. I made it into the woman's finale and then choked. But it was great fun nonetheless! :)

     That night we play Skittles. Which is like bowling but with wooden pins and balls. It was great fun and we had American pancakes as well! The ward is great and I am excited for all that is to come here in Stourbridge. The members are already taking such good care of us and I am so grateful. 

   Fun fact: Stourbridge is famous for the art of glass blowing.

   Fun Fact #2:  I have to get used to yet another accent.  Its crazy how they change from town to town!

The Spors! From Utah. They have the thickest American accent ever! He served here over 50 years ago and was assigned to come back here. So wonderful.

      I am thankful to be here and have to pinch myself most days. England is beautiful and it is such a privilege to be serving the Lord with all of these wonderful people. I am thankful for the Spirit and the guidance that I am allowed as His servant. 
      I hope you all have a beautiful week and are continuing to find much joy and happiness in your lives.

 God bless and God speed. 

                               All my love,


                                                  Sister Sydney Jones

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