Monday, October 3, 2016

Just an email about how much fun I am having in England...(:

Whynot? The English do what they want.

Dear loved ones,

      What a blessing it is to be a missionary, eh? Man, I love this work!! I just received a beautiful email from my recent convert Andrea saying, "Add my mother's name to the list of people you helped to baptize Sister Jones!" My goodness. She was able to go to the London temple this past week to do baptisms for the first time. This are the moments that are worth far more money or worldly pleasure. This gospel can change lives! 

Old days England. Absolutely in love with it! Isn't cobblestone cool?

The red double decker! Harry Potter!

We visited The Black Country Museum and went mining! 
The Black Country Museum is set back in time and has a bunch of shops
and things for us to visit with authentic buildings and people dressed
as actors. It was great.

Pictures from the Black Country Museum. So fun! This part of England
is known for making chain metal and anchors. They made the actual
made the anchor for the Titanic here! How cool is that?

      We found out this morning that Elder Stephenson will be going to the De Montfort Ward today, we are sad to lose him, but I know that he will do great things for that ward! He will be Sister Swasey's district leader too. Only slightly jealous. We get transfer news on the day after my birthday, the 16th, we are excited to see what will happen! 
England got new 5£ notes this week. They are plastic and so cool!

Authentic fish and chips! Soooooo yummy.

      General conference was great wasn't it?! If you have not watched it yet, I suggest you make time to watch even one talk! My favourite came from Kazuhiko Yamashita. He talked about being ambitious for Christ. He related a missionaries experience, "Though I am experiencing a lot of difficulties right now, I am truly happy." This time of my life is extremely hard and I am being tested every single day, but it is good. Oh so good! I am happy and this is all worth it. I mean, I am sharing the word of God...How can you get much better than that? 🙂 
England is Gorgeous!

      Yes, there are moments when my shoes are filled with water and doors are being slammed left and right. Other days my body is aching from the many miles walked the day before and I wonder how I will proceed to knock another door with a smile on my face. Many would wonder, why put yourself through such pain when you could be in the comfort of your home, car, and beautiful family? Well, these 18 months are a blessing and a gift. I have already had the opportunity to learn so much and to help people come unto Christ. A few days of struggle and pain are worth the experience that I explained at the beginning of my email. They are the reason; the souls that we are meant to find. And nothing could compare to the sacrifice that my Savior made for me! What a blessing it is to be here.
We were a little excited about our pizza..

Service is cool. I vote we celebrate Christmas all year long. 

      We are working so hard and are seeing so many miracles here in Stourbridge. We are excited for another good week. I love this work and know that happiness can only be obtained by abiding by the laws that God has placed before us. He is the master healer, example, and advocate. I am so thankful for Him.
More food.. I know. Traditional English tea.
(And a mountain of Yorkshire puddings on sister K's plate.)
                 Andrea at the temple!
            (There's nothin like it mom!!! :) 

      I hope you all have a beautiful week and have time to watch and ponder on the things taught in General Conference. The Lord has called a prophet of God and he is speaking to YOU! Listen. He knows the way. 

      Remember, "men are that they might have joy". Seek what will make you happy eternally and you will not go wrong. 
 Breathtaking skies.

               You are loved! 

                        Cheers from England 🇬🇧


                                                  Sister Sydney Jones

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