Monday, August 1, 2016

"I'm Happy, Hug Me."

Blessed in Birmingham!
 Woooot! What another great week in the mission field! Much has happened and the blessings, again, poured from heaven! It was hot man! So hot that there seemed to be a shortage of fabric in Leicester City. Mercy. When the sun comes out, so does everything else! Be we managed and got a sweet tan in the process. :)
Sister Marsden is now back in Shelley, ID! 

De Flat. 

      On Tuesday we had transfers and as we waited for the missionaries to get off the coach, I turn around to hear a sister say "Hug me, I'm happy!" How fun is that? We all need love. Spontaneous hugs are the greatest and if you are happy, by all means; hug it out! Stranger or no stranger, hugs and love are the answer. 
Sister Infanger, Belnap, and I. Just training and killin' it! 

       On Wednesday, we found ourselves at McDonald's for tea. Whilst I was eating my BBQ wrap, I got a prompting to go talk to this family. I told Heavenly Father that I was super hungry and that I would talk to them after I finished my wrap. The prompting got stronger and stronger until I could no longer stand it. So, I got up and sparked a conversation with them. They are the Mbolu family from Nigeria, they 4 children and are absolutely beautiful! As we gave him the Book of Mormon, he said he would have it read in two weeks! Alright sir! He held him to it and are excited to see him this week and ask how it is going. How would of thought you could receive a referral from Ronald McDonald?? ;)
B girl. You know where it's at. Reunited and it feels so good!

      On Thursday, our bike struggle was incredibly real. Sister Swasey got a bike from an elder who went home and the chain literally busted right outside our flat that morning. Okay opposition, we can handle you! So, we were able to borrow another bike from another elder and just as we pull up to our destination, the front tire pops. Woooaahhhh, opposition hardcore! We locked the bikes and then found that our potential investigator was no where to be found. Wonderful. So, we decide walk to the bus stop and go see Callum whose appointment we cancelled twice already that day. We realized that all the opposition was simply because the adversary did not want us to see our investigator that is progressing towards baptism. We eventually did get to his home and had an incredible lesson with him and his best friend! The struggle is real, but so is God! :) 
Selfie with Amber, our mission puppy! The Leppards brought her on their mission :)

       On Friday we had the follow-up trainers meeting which was brill. Seeing Sister B breathed life into my soul and it was such a blessing. Our bond is strong and the love is real! On the train home we were chatting, when a guy leans forward and asks if we are American. Of course we say yes and he was amazed! His next question was simple, "What are you doing over here?" and Sister Swasey jumps up, leaves her bags behind, and begins to talk to him. We only had 5 minutes until we were due to get off and so I just prayed. I prayed that she would have more time to tell this young man about this great gospel. Next thing we know, the train is stopped and we are left lingering for another 5 mintues! Ahhhh blessings! I look at Sister Belnap and just smile with a smile that says "Man, I am proud to be her trainer!" She taught him the entire Restoration and sent him on his way with a Book of Mormon. The odds that we will ever find out what becomes of this man from Birmingham are slim to none, but the seed has been planted and someone shall harvest! She amazes even me...I'm so blessed to be her companion! 
Our mini Big Ben in Leicester town Centre

 A few other tid-bits from this week: 
 - We met a man named Ethan while waiting at a crosswalk. He had dreads, piercings, the lot and was the absolute kindest man ever! We invited him to church and he paused then said, "Yeah! Yeah I'll come!" We are seeing him this week!
 - We met a less-active guy named Alex who is nearly 94 years old. At the end of our lesson, we survived a 7 minute repetitive prayer that nearly brought us all to tears from laughter. He is great! 
 - We met a girl named Xyna in town centre who was carrying a basketball. I flipped. I told Heavenly Father if she stopped walking for two seconds that I would go talk to her. Guess what? That's right! We had a nice little chat and we will be ballin' with her later this week. A little horse with the gospel intertwined? Yes please!
This is our Callum! Such a stud. August 21st can't come soon enough.

      This week was great. It has been a testimony builder to see the Lord's hand in every aspect of our work. Sister Swasey and I have some high goals that we expect to reach this coming week and we are excited to get to work! I know that where I am is where I need to be. I am in the process of learning that I don't have to be perfect to be a trainer. It is hard when your expectations are higher than where the Lord want's them to be. And in that situation, you will always end up being disappointed, because it wasn't where he wanted you to reach for in the first place. I know that I was called to be a trainer at this time for very specific reasons. He has a plan and that plan is great! I just need to trust him :)

      I hope this week is a good one for you all. Trust in the Lord and that he knows what is best for you. He will not leave you helpless! God is good and His grace is sufficient. 

 God bless and God speed. 
                 Love from the EBM,

                                         Sister Sydney Jones

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