Monday, August 1, 2016

8 Months DOWN!

Dearest family and friends, 
     Top of the morning to ya! We're over here in Leicester England, still plodding along and sharing the good word of God! The weather has been brill this week and we have been very blessed. 
Biking is Cool.

      Whilst we were riding our bicycles up London Road, a car full of people comes up behinds us and they scream "Go back to Utah!" Haha. At first I turned around with a scowl and then mid turn I start to laugh, because it was just too funny for me to handle! We then realized it was just our Zone Leaders, but man we had a good laugh about that all the way home! Utah is the place to be! My birthplace and Zion... Can't get much better than that! ;) 
The Greens have a HUGE tele! 

       On Thursday we went to the families home that we met in McDonalds, the Mbolu's! My goodness. Talk about the most well behaved children on the planet. We were able to discuss multiple things with their family and also gave the two oldest children their own copies of the children's Book of Mormon. They were so grateful and immediately started to put their names in them and began reading. So cool! 
England's beautiful green grass!

       While we were tracting on Saturday, we met Carole and David. At first, he looked at our badges and nearly closed the door, but his wife came and said "Latter-Day Saints?" And we replied "Yes!" Turns out that she has a small obsession with The Osmonds and quite honestly knows SO much about the Mormons. It was a delight to speak to them and they invited us back to do some family history with them! Sweet! The Osmonds have gotten us into a number of doors over here in the UK. The Brits LOVE them! 
Sick Tag Pic.

      One of my favourite quotes that was shared this week would have to be; "I have a lot of blessings, but I don't count them." How true is that? God has overflowed us with blessings; so many that we cannot receive them all. How often do we step back and look at the white behind the black speck? Sometimes we have a small problem or a trial that simply overshadows the immense amount of blessings that surround us; just like focusing in on a black speck in the middle of a white sheet of paper. I challenge you all to focus on the riches that the Lord has provided you with. No matter your situation in life, there is and will always be something to be grateful for. Have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!! :) 
Classic American diner..eating stakes and burgers as big as our faces!

       My mission is shaping me into the person that God needs me to be. When I read the scriptures, I am challenged to change. When I testify of Christ, tinglies run down my spine; testifying to me that what I am speaking of is TRUE. When my wellies fill with water, I know that Satan is just trying to slow me down and it is a reminder to me that I need to DANCE in the precious English rain. When my heart is heavy and my body tired, I am reminded of the road that my Saviour traveled for me. And from that point I can endure because I know that His strength will be provided to me in the very hour in which I need. 

Me under some tress, in front of a house....

      What a blessing it is to give Him every ounce of myself for 18 wonderful months. I cannot believe that 8 of them are already spent. "The door of eternity turns on small hinges." I know that  this is only a moment, but it truly is the best moment of my life. 
The beautiful London Temple that I so wish I could visit. If you've been to the temple before, but haven't been for a while PLEASE GO FOR ME! I crave that spiritual renewal that the temple provides. And if you want to take a selfie in front of it after you leave, I wouldn't be sad.. :)

       I pray that you all have a blessed week. "Count your many blessings, name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done." He will and does provide! 

      Take care and God bless :) 

                                    So much love,

                                                 Sister Sydney Jones

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