Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome to Leicester, East Midlands, England Sister Jones!

Brother Williams. One of my heroes! 

Sister Williams and I looking posh.

Anchored in Christ!
Us w/ Kirstie and Olivia at with Williams

**First a part of Syd's letter to me**
Dear mommy,
  This week was so incredibly challenging, but good as well. I was tested at many limits and had to confide in my Heavenly Father a lot for strength. My single goal for this transfer is to get to know my Savior better. He has to be my source for strength, or none of this will work.
 I will tell you all the details in my family letter, but I'll tell you all other stuff now. Transfers was scary and my tummy was just a mess. I was able to see Sister Scherf before she left, which was a blessing. Sister Wadsworth is my companion until next Tuesday.  
 The apartment is old and interesting, but fun. We definitely live in a posh area. The ward is nothing like Caerphilly, but I love adjustments! I am excited to see how I can help this ward change and grow. 
 It is so diverse here. On the way to church, we didn't pass a single white person, can you believe it? Indians, Africans and all types! It's crazy! I had a huge culture shock and I know that my greenie will get an even bigger one! They are all fairly kind though, which is a blessing.  
 Thank you for this update of everyone. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a good week and I am thankful for your words of encouragement. I really do need that extra boost of love and support in the coming weeks. It is something that I can hold on to when we have difficult days. 

I love you!

Sister Wiesner is engaged!

Dear family and friends, 

      Well, here we are! Another week gone and a whole lot to report on! Monday evening came around and I had to finish packing! I ended up leaving behind over half of the clothes that I brought with me, just so I could fit the more important stuff in my bags. I have no idea how I am going to get home with my accumulation of British stuff! Wow. Challenge accepted :)

      We traveled to the mission home on Tuesday morning and the whole time my tummy was just in fits. The first transfer is always the worst, from what I have I am definitely glad it is over! I was able to see Sister Scherf and say goodbye to her, as she is now home! I was also able to catch up with many of the missionaries from my group which all seemed to be doing well. 

Elder Searle is the man!

      Whilst there, I met Sister Wadsworth who has been my companion for the past week! She will be with me for another week, until I pick up my greenie next Tuesday! I also found out that Sister Belnap, my MTC companion is training too!! What?! That was such a tender mercy to me. I know that nothing is just happen-stance in this world; the Lord has a plan! And the biggest shocker of all was that I was told that I not only would be white-wash training, but also that I would be reopening an area that has been closed down for 6 months. Gosh. 

Corn on the cob tree! 

      Needless to say, this week has been filled with lots of growing experiences. We came to the flat to find cobwebs and all sorts of fun things. It smelt like mold and dust, but we were thrilled to be there. We started cleaning and getting the place into shape. Might we say, it looks pretty good now! We have a little more than expired tomato ketchup in the fridge; thank heavens! Hahah, the struggle is SO real, but we've just got to love it. 
6£ Oreos!
(Thats an $8.67 a package)

       Leicester is very diverse! There are people here from all over the world and it is pretty fascinating. The city is massive! There are Uni (university) students everywhere and we have met so many cool people already! It is so different from Caerphilly and I definitely got a culture shock when I stepped off the coach! I am learning to love it though. It is so green and there is so much to do here. 

       We have faced quite a bit of opposition this week, while trying to figure out the area. We have been on our bikes and one day in particular, we biked over 12 miles. Mercy. We got to the flat and just collapsed. I nearly cried a few times as I felt the adversary working so hard against us in all that we did. It has been quite difficult, but these moments are meant for us to grow. As I bore my testimony yesterday, I just spoke about the importance of growth. When we are feeling uncomfortable and our tummy's are turning from nervousness; it simply means that we are about to grow! What a blessing that knowledge has been to me this week. 

       I have had to confide in my Savior for strength this week and He has not let me down. He has given me the growing experience that I asked for and has not left me alone in this journey. This opening an area business has been a challenge, but it has been fun to literally start from scratch. Sister Wadsworth and I get to set up this area exactly how the Lord needs it to be at this time. I am so grateful for the trust that God has placed in me at this time. Though the opposition has been sure, the miracles have been even more! 
                      Weird House in Leicester!

     We were able to meet a man named Gordon in Victoria Park on Saturday afternoon. Remember his name, for I know that he will be the force of much good in this world! He is from Zimbabwe and is the sweetest man. From the moment that we began talking with him, I felt the spirit so strongly. Of course, he already had Book of Mormon ( I know, right?) and has had contact with missionaries before. We spoke with him for a good 45 minutes, where HE bore testimony to US about how incredibly lucky we are to have another testament of Jesus Christ, as well as the Bible. "I mean, you guys have got it together!" he said. Wow. We then told him about the Priesthood, where his eyes lit up and he said, "Why don't I have this power? I need this power!" We then went on to invite him to church in which HE CAME! Granted, he was 2 and a half hours late...But he was there nonetheless! He kept asking us how we did it, how we got him to church..and we could only testify that we did nothing, it was simply the Lord. 

      I cannot believe that we had an investigator at church, when we only got here on Tuesday evening!! Gosh, Miracles are wrought! I am so grateful to have seen the Lord's hands in our work this week. We had opposition, but the miracles outweighed the frustration and brought us much joy. I know that great things will be happening here in the next few months. I am so excited for my Greenie to get here and I have been praying for her success and comfort in the MTC. I know that we will grow closer together as we have the opportunity to figure out Leicester together!

        I have had an overwhelming confirmation of my purpose as a missionary this week. I know that I could grow in no other way, then by being out here on my mission. And the lifelong experiences that I have the privilege to be apart are changing my future; they are changing me. I am so grateful for the miracles that I have been a witness to in the past 6 months. I have been changed by the wonderful people that I have met and I know that the Lord has only placed the most extraordinary ones in my path. I am truly blessed to be here and look forward with faith and great enthusiasm. I know that there is only good things to come!

       I wish you all well and hope that you are finding joy in the journey. Thank you for your prayers and the love that you show to those around you. You are making a difference! 

Speak to you soon! 
                     I love you! 
                             Sister Sydney Jones
My New Address!

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