Monday, June 20, 2016

Swasey and Jones: Conquering De Montfort

Dear loved ones, 

       Hello one and all! I want you to meet the one and only Sister Swasey all the way from Zion; Hooper, Utah! 

I love her!

Sister Blenap with her greenie, Sister Pugmire also from Utah! Too much fun! 

     No, we did not plan on twinning, but it was a total sign of how our relationship would be! We are having SO much fun together! She came to the mission field with great enthusiasm and desire to work hard, which has been such a blessing to me and this area.
Sister Wadsworth dropped me off at the mission home and we, the trainers, enjoyed some ham sandwiches while we waited for our new companions! I could barely swallow from nerves, so I settled for a banana...

     As we went into the meeting, I honestly had no idea who I would be getting. In my heart, I wanted her to be from America; more specifically from Utah, but I was prepared to meet my fate :) After receiving great instruction, the dodge finally came! After the first 4 sisters got their trainees, I began to wonder who mine would be. Well, they saved the best for last! "Sister Swasey, you will be getting Sister Jones and will be serving in the De Montfort Ward!" Wooottttttt. We were so excited and have honestly clicked from the very beginning. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful companion to show the ropes to. 

2- Sister Marsden! Or tinkerbell.. Going home to Shelley Idaho in 4 weeks

      On Wednesday, we embarked on a day filled with miracles. I was completely determined to make my greenies first day in the mission field the absolute best! And boy did our Heavenly Father help us out with some wonderful miracles! We first stopped by a referral named Sarah who ended up becoming a new investigator, which was great. 
     Then we went on to find a man named Eric. We introduced ourselves as Mormon missionaries and he said "Mormon? I study a book about you guys. It's called the Book of Mormon." Holy moly! Apparently he studies it every morning along with the Bible. He received it way back from a friend and just began reading it. Are you kidding me? Woah. We will be seeing him this week and I am so excited! He'll probably know more than me!

3-On the way home with the STL's. Sister Gillette and Sister Beazer.
      We then met a less-actives milk man named Lee. Yes, people over here still get their milk delivered to their door and I think it is so fun! After talking with Lee for a while, I asked him if I could share a card with him and he accepted gratefully. He then proceed to hand us his milk man card! Haha so, we just might be ordering some milk soon and conveniently place a Book of Mormon on the doorstep as payment :) 

      This week I have completely handed every decision to the Lord. I let Him know that I was nervous to train, so I asked Him to guide our every action with the Spirit. He provided a way for many miracles to come to pass, all through the little nudges of the Spirit. I was privileged this week to have seen my growth with regards to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Sister Swasey reaffirmed what I had thought; I have become a very calm and soft spoken sister missionary when I teach and even when I don't teach. When she told me this, I knew that it is because I feel the Spirit with me constantly, so I speak carefully and wait until the Spirit has told me where to go or what to say.  It's almost as if I am changing right before my eyes and I know that I am doing the Lord's will. It is an incredible feeling to be let by Him in everything! And when I'm not, I feel lost. It is a feeling that I never want to lose, even following my mission. 
Training adventures! Capri-Suns and cheap lunchables for dinner.. Nothing better or worse? Hahah

**Sydney Challenge**
     I challenge you all to hand your life, decisions, trials, etc. over to the Lord. Start small and you will be able to see the Lord doing wonders among you! He is the only way to find happiness in this life and in the next. Don't sell yourself short of the blessings that are already yours to obtain. 

      I am so grateful to be serving with Sister Swasey. She is such a wonderful example to me of obedience and she has such a great desire to work hard. This field is WHITE! And we are already hard at work! I am having the time of my life! I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! Training is already the biggest blessing in the world and I know the miracles are just waiting to be seen. I have never been happier with this struggle that is mission life! It truly is the greatest! :) 
Bikes and bright jackets

     Thank you for all the prayers, letters, and emails. You are all such a blessing to me. I pray that you have a good week and feel of your Saviors love for you. Thank you for blessing my life! 

                                             So much love from England,

                                                                            Sister Sydney Jones

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