Monday, June 13, 2016

Is Justin Bieber a Mormon?


Dear people that I love so much, 
     How are you? How is the air over there? Man, it has been humid and wet this week! We just feel like a wet diaper all the's quite disgusting. But, we have loved every second of it! There is nothing like being able to serve the Lord for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I feel so privileged to be here in England, making some of the best memories of my life! With the greatest people I know! 
We LOVE Biking!

My missionary watch tan!  Woot!!

     This week has been wonderful! We have worked hard and were able to find 4 new investigators! Wow! Miracles! And they ways that we obtained them were incredible! On Tuesday, we were able to contact a referral with a member. Her name is May and she is from Zimbabwe! During our lesson, the spirit was so abundant. As we discussed the power of sealing families together, we paused and she said "This is exactly what I have been looking for. This is it!" Oh my soul did swell with happiness! We were able to meet her family last night and bring them to a fireside. I am so grateful for the member who listened to a prompting to give us this incredible family to teach! I challenge you all to think of someone that could be blessed from hearing about their true potential; that they are sons and daughters of God. Fasting and prayer will help you to seek out those lost sheep that may not know they are lost. Find them and bring them into the fold! 

SO happy to be reunited!

Sister Belnap, Sister Infanger, and I.

     On Thursday, I had the opportunity to go to Birmingham, to the mission home to the trainers meeting. Can I just express how grateful I am to have had a meeting to train us about how to be trainers?? Wow, for a moment I thought I was going to have to go it alone without how to do it all, but they have it all under control thank heavens :) I was able to see my Sister Belnap as well! I opened the door and we just stood there smiling for a good ten seconds, then gave each other the sweetest hug in the world! I am so grateful to have seen her! We are such a strength to each other and it is a privilege to be training at the same time. Sister Infanger was there as well, which seemed to breathe life into my bones! I love those little tender mercy moments! 
     We were trained about how to handle a precious greenie and their first days in the mission field. After the meeting, I didn't feel as overwhelmed as I did before. I am just excited for the challenge ahead, as well as the blessings that are to come! I know that my new companion will be sent here for a reason. To build up this part of the Lord's kingdom and also to be an example me. 

Mini Netherlands pancakes with Nutella and strawberry jam! (shout out to Sis. Scherf!)

     On Saturday, we were at the library doing some things and we met a woman named Nora. We chatted a little bit and sent her on her way with a card. After she left, we realized that we didn't write our number on the back of the card. (Oh well, missed opportunity) So, as we were about to leave, I was prompted to leave behind another card face-up on the computer. This time our number was on the back. A little bit later we get a text saying "I met you at the library, are you interested in a coffee you two?" We accepted the invitation and eventually went from coffee, to tea, to milkshakes! :) We entered her home and she proceeded to tell us how she had 'a feeling' that she should go back to the library. Needless to say, she followed that prompting and she found the card that I was prompted to leave and contacted us!! Wow! We were amazed at the Lord's hand and were so thankful for the guidance that we received. We will see Nora again on Wednesday this week! Oh, and one of her first questions to us was "Is Justin Bieber a Mormon?" Hahahahahaha man, I couldn't answer the question without laughing!! Nora is a character! :)

We had a pick up game with some guys in the park and it was a blast! Afterwards, the elders invited them to learn more and a few of them accepted! Basketball can convert! :) 

     Later that day, we were on caught in a huge rain storm that put a flash flood to shame. Haha we had to walk due to the lightning and thunder and got to our lesson absolutely soaking wet! But great memories were made nonetheless! 

     On Sunday, we were pleased with the BYU Ballroom Dance Team joining our congregation. All the way from SLC, UT! Woot! As we introduced ourselves to them, I met a dancer who was from Idaho and I said "No way! Me too!" She gripped my arm and said "Where?" I replied "Rigby!" And she just hugged me and tried not to scream too loud! Her name is Kristina Tieken. She is going to be married in the next few weeks with the reception in Rigby! If anyone knows her or her family, let me know! This world is so small! I was so grateful for that small moment of "home". IT was wonderful.

Kristina Tieken! Go Cougs!
     This week was wonderful and I am so excited for the one that is coming. Sister Wadsworth has been an exceptional companion and I have been so thankful to have an American companion. It is just one more thing that we have in common and that has been a blessing. I know there are many good things to come and I am excited to see what those things are! 

I know this church is true. That we can only find true and last happiness through Jesus Christ. He is the light and the life of the world. I love my mission and the lives that I am able to see changing; including mine. This work is eternal. It is amazing. And I am so grateful to be here!! 

I hope you all have a beautiful week and are continuing to be grateful for the small blessings that the Lord grants you with. You are important! You are loved! You have potential! And don't you forget it! 

I love you!


Sister Sydney Jones

5. Mini Netherlands pancakes with Nutella and strawberry jam! (shout out to Sis. Scherf!)
6. We had a pick up game with some guys in the park and it was a blast! Afterwards, the elders invited them to learn more and a few of them accepted! Basketball can convert! :) 
7. Kristina Tieken! Go Cougs!

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