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Challenge (ing) Week!

Lady Liberty

Dodgy Kebob

**What's with all the Brexit talk.  Are you finding that it is a big deal over there?  What are all your peeps saying/reacting?**

Leaving the European Union has been a HUGE deal over here. No one really expected it to happen, but it did! And a TON of people showed up to vote, so that was quite impressive. They were paying something like 350 Million a week to stay in the Union. Which adds up to a lot of money.. And so I understand both points of view, but a lot of members are bummed about it. One of the older brothers thinks that the UK will be on top of the world in two years time (Haha) and be richer than China. Well, the English are funny, right? Bless their hearts.. But yeah, not much will change for two years, but one sister did say that I could tell the world that I was in the UK when they signed their suicide note to the world. Wow.. haha, so apparently it'll be very good or very bad! :)

**How are you doing with training and your new companion, Sister Swasey?**
Training is going good. I just caught a cold in the past two days, unfortunately. From all the stress and worry and being caught in the rain without rain jackets. It's a combination of things, but I hope to pull through. As a trainer, you really are spread so thin that it's hard to not see your faults. So that is definitely difficult, but I'm trying to work through that in the best way the I can. I LOVE Sister Swasey and we are having an absolute blast together. It is hard to not see the area progressing to where we want it to be, but we pray that this week will be an upturn. 
 Any uplifting thoughts would be greatly appreciated :) I'm not sad or anything, just exhausted and sick right now. Mission life though...It surprises you every day.

Dead Dog Tired. & Late Night Videos



 This week has absolutely flown right by! What even happened? Just kidding, lots of great things took place this week and we were very privileged to be apart of them! We were able to have quite a few adventures that consisted of getting utterly lost everywhere we went, getting absolutely positively drenched TWICE in one day, and biking till our legs turned blue! 
double decker bus rides (sorry its sideways)

ALWAYS time for a Selfie

She made me breakfast, How Wonderful is She?!

 Sister Swasey and I are having the adventure of a lifetime! The struggles come with triumphs and the miracles are many in number. I feel so privileged to be serving with someone that gets me, through and through! We have had many fits of laughter and tears this week. We are sisters in Zion, playing hard and working even harder! 
Tiny English cars, Eyebrows are fun!

 The rain has been the center of our opposition this week. On Saturday, we set out with 3 scheduled appointments..All of them flogged us, which was great! We love opposition, right? :) As we were going to our last scheduled appointment, the rain (and a few tears) started to fall. We continued to bike towards the massive black cloud. Unbeknownst to us that it was about to dump it all over Leicester City! CRACK! The lightening and thunder thrashed down and I literally thought I was in a WWII action movie. I screamed and started biking away on my metal bicycle ( I know mom, bad idea) No, I didn't get struck by lightening. But we were absolutely drenched in a matter of seconds. And the best part of this story is the fact that I didn't bring a rain jacket or wear my wellies because I had faith that it wasn't going to rain. "Silly Sister Jones... You are in England! You should know better." Yes, I know, but I thought my faith would carry me above the rain..Ha! :) 
Drenched X2

 After our shoes became puddles and our tights became suction cupped to our legs, we called a member and asked if we could come in and dry ourselves up. So, we did just that and left with full tummies and dry(ish) clothes. Whilst on the way home after an appointment, THE BIG BLACK CLOUD CAME AGAIN! Are you serious? Mmmmaannnnnn! Heavenly Father is a funny guy.. Sister Swasey and I just began to sing otherwise we would cry. It was a beautiful experience that taught us one thing: Faith is nice, but a rain jacket and some wellies are great too! 
Too much fun together!

English Ghetto

We had a challenge week from our Sister Training Leaders this week in which we were given 3 challenges a day, all consisting of 1, 2, and 3 points. Some of my favorites were; high five 15 people, compliment 5 people on their nose, sing a song to a stranger, brush your companions teeth, and make up a companion handshake. Complimenting 5 people on their nose structure had to of been the greatest experience of my life! Sister Swasey never felt comfortable doing it, so I was the sly dog that was able to do it! One in particular, a member was telling us about the job interview that she had the next day and while we were walking out the door I remembered that I needed to compliment her on her nose, so I said "Well, you have a nice nose, so I'm sure the job is YOURS!" Hahahahah wooowweeee! We had a little dance around the corner after that one! MY second favorite would have to be brushing Sister Swasey's teeth! Haha, we have a video of us brushing each others teeth at the same time and it is a good time and a half! I so wish I was able to get it home, but it is too big unfortunately. If anyone knows how to send big videos through email, I would be greatly to know! :)
Elders are dumb...but laser tag is fun!

District leaders are the best

 And the best miracle of the week happened while we were riding through Victoria Park and I saw a beautiful old couple waiting for the bus. I look at Sister Swasey and tell her that we need to go sing them a song. So, we practiced "There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today" a few times, then headed over to meet the Henrys! We asked them if we could sing them a song and they looked confused, but we started singing anyway. Mid through the last verse, the woman begins to sing with us! Her face lit up and we hugged each other following the song. As we talked with them for a few minutes, they had some questions about religion, so we asked if we could come by and tell them about Jesus Christ. Needless to say, we stopped by yesterday and they are now our newest investigators! They are all the way from Antigua! He is nearly 90 and she is 82. The most gentle and warm people that I have ever met. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for them! 
Sister Swasey the Snake Whisperer

 This week has been a blessing, along with the many challenges that were handed to us. We are grateful for the opposition, for we know that in it, there is a plan for us and this De Montfort area. The rain is inevitable, but so are the miracles...all through our faith! 

Gordon B. Hinckley said it best; 
“Get on your knees and ask for the blessings of the Lord; then stand on your feet and do what you are asked to do. Then leave the matter in the hands of the Lord. You will discover that you have accomplished something beyond price."

Old telephone in a member's house that actually works!

      I know the work that we are doing is precious and something that is precious takes time to develop. A miner cannot mine for only a few hours and expect a huge reward. We have to work our little legs to the bone and rely on the miracles that are surely to come. I know that the Lord is aware of us all. He cares even about the simple, trivial things! He knows exactly what experiences we need to grow and I do believe Sister Swasey and I are here to learn much from this area and each other. There is no where I would rather be, then soaking up the struggle and tender mercies in the good 'ole English rain! 

 God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good! 
 Work hard, play hard.
 This church is the truest of trues!

Peace and blessing fam,


Sister Sydney Jones

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