Monday, April 10, 2017

Annie the Unstoppable!

Tracting and getting TAN w/ our Sister Caupain! 

Dear family & friends,

      Welcome welcome to another good week here in Coventry! We have the wonderful Annie Caupain with us here on a mini-missionary until Thursday! She has been an absolute joy to serve with for the past three days! She was born in Holland and is originally from Ghana. She is actually the girlfriend of an Elder that I was in the MTC with. Crazy! She has brought so much life to our lives and we have spent the last few days in stitches! We don't know where she comes up with half the stuff that she says, which makes for a good time! It is such a joy to be with my black soul-sister, hahaha she reminds me that I am actually as black as I feel like I am inside. :) You can imagine how much fun we are having.... She will be submitting her papers in early May!
 I always knew I was African in my former life...
this weekend with Annie has already confirmed that! ;)

      Her first ever tracting experience came on Saturday afternoon. She knocked on this door and the teenage son came on to the landing, totally interested in the gospel. Then the father opened the door and was interested all the same! All of the sudden the side window opened and the mother stuck her head out of it. She asked us who we were and then preceeded to encourage us off her property quite loudly by using the f-bomb over 26 times. We left abruptly and told her to have a nice day. She said "Oh yeah? You too! **Bbbllleeeeepppppp**" LOL.. The neighbor guy soon apologised for her behaviour, as she had been "down at the pub all afternoon." Poor Sister Caupain was on the verge of crying as we approached the next house. We had to reassure her that all doors/people were not that bad! We were just mortified that this experience was her very first and the absolute worst Sister C and I have had in a long while! She is a trooper though and made it through the entire street! :)
We painted the Reynolds fence and got sunburned!!!! Woot! 
 Courtesy of Toby's Carvery in Cov-love. A traditional English roast dinner. Yes, I know that yorkshire pudding is as big as my face. We were a little disgusted as well, but it tasted oh so good! 

     Monday and Tuesday really taught us a lot about the power of the Book of Mormon and the priesthood. We had some very very interesting experiences but thanks to the power of the priesthood we've been healed in the form of uncontrollable laughter. Yes, Sister Cebollero and I just can't stop laughing. Lessons, ward coordination, you name it.. it's literally uncontrollable. It's bad...but so good! :) #besties

Workovers are cool..Sister Gjeka from Albania and Sister Mwyosvi from South Africa! :)
      We were in Wolverhampton on a workover on Tuesday and I was with Sister Mamajanyan. As we were driving, the ladies car in front of us totally busted and the exhaust fell and began to scrap on the pavement. We hurried to help her, only to find out that she was a former investigator! Her name is Ketty and she is from Zimbabwe. Amazing. We gave her a lift home and were able to share a message with her and be invited back! Miracles! 
 Phish food can cure any rough day.
Sunny Sundays #triolyfe 

      This coming week is the EBM MISSION-WIDE CHALLENGE WEEK!!!! Woot! This happened exactly a year ago when I was with Sister Weisner! We are pumped for a good, hard week! We will be given three challenges every day that we need to fulfill. Each day they will get harder and harder to complete. The end result will be dinner, a zone pday, or district hoodies. We are striving to win it!! 

      We met a cool old lady named Kay while tracting the other day! After she got a little more comfortable with us, she told us that she has seen Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister of Britain, in her undergarments while they were in school together! Hahahaha, mercy, we DIED. What a cool lady... 
Began together, finishing together. #missingsisterprice
Welcome to the cutest part of the EBM MLC.

      I am continuing to love my mission and work as hard as I possibly can as the time draws near to a close. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to serve, for it would be selfish of me not to be grateful for all the blessings that the Lord has so graciously given me. I am thankful for the amazing people and influences that surround my life! Thank you for your love, support, and prayers! I FEEL THE LOVE! :) 

      We look forward to a busy weeks its interviews and a half-mission conference! Sister Swasey will be coming to stay the night on Thursday before the big conference! Talk about blessings!! Woot! I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember the source of your joy, because it truly all comes from our Saviour Jesus Christ! Have a wonderful Easter! 

            Best wishes and all my love,

                                    Sister Sydney Jones

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