Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Beans on Toast

Dear family & friends,

      Isn't being alive just the greatest thing in the world? Having the opportunity to be happy and create memories is what I live for! I crave the chance to make an ordinary moment into something incredibly unforgettable and the mission field is the perfect place to do it! 

      This week has been brilliant. We have worked tirelessly to find and teach the wonderful people of Great Britain! How privileged I feel to be here. Sister K and I are seeing loads of miracles and countless blessings as we strive to find the elect. Our relationship with the ward is top notch and we loving the Stourbridge area. 

      We have had the privilege of teaching many people on their doorsteps this week and a few of them were brought to tears by the comfort that came from our message about Jesus Christ and His saving grace. One of my favourite things to hear is "How did you know that I needed you today?" That question is always a reassurance that we are in tune with the spirit and are being guided to the right people/streets. 👍🏻
Sister Gjevik is the coolest Norwegian ever.

District meetings are a spiritual feast.

Zimbabwe, France, Norway, Australia, Peru, Utah, and Idaho(x2).

      On Thursday at district meeting, our zone leaders challenged us to conduct a spiritual self-examination to evaluate our growth thus far. As I sat to write down my thoughts, I had to reflect on the past 10 months and really 19 years of my life. What really have I learned from the many experiences that I have had? Am I growing and going in the direction that the Lord needs me to? I'm pretty sure that I found more short-comings than I did actual growth, BUT I know that He is patient with me. I know that my testimony has become powerful as I have had countless opportunities to bear it. I know that I am growing spiritually when I feel the spirit guide me. I know that I am growing spiritually when I am given trials and am able to overcome them with the help of my Savior. I challenge you all, whether you are 12 or 92, to conduct a spiritual self-examination. Find out where you are in reguards to your relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I promise it is worth it! 
Classic English "beans on toast" with a fried egg and sautéed mushrooms.
SO good.

      We truly are in the thick of it now. The days fly by and so do the weeks. We are BUSY, but we are absolutely loving it. When the alarm goes off in the morning, I wonder if I even slept! Hahah, but it is so worth it. 
We were riding on the top of the double decker bus and saw that someone
had scratched SNAPE in the front window.
#thisreallyisEngland #HPforlife
Cliché tag picture

Cool braid that Sister K did for me.

       Within the next week, we have some exciting things happening here! 
Tomorrow: A meeting about The Poppy Appeal, regarding the missionaries selling poppies in remembrance of those who died in war. I will have more info about it next time. 
Friday: Transfer day! (We are expecting to stay together) And a combined ward Bake-off which should be great! 
Saturday: My 20th Birthday! 🎉 And an extra P-Day to prepare for Elder Quentin L. Cook coming to speak to us on Monday! 
Sunday: Sister K and I are speaking in church.
Monday: Elder Cook will be here to address the entire mission! The first time that we will all be together! :) 

 I am loving my mission so much and am so grateful for the many incredible people that I am able to meet on this incredible journey. There is no where that I would rather be! I hope you are all well and are enjoying the lovely autumn weather. Stay safe. Be kind. And courage carry!

            God bless & God speed.

                                  Sister Sydney Jones

Fun facts: 
-The English eat LOADS of Heinz baked beans. FYI: they are not in barbecue sauce like the ones in America, but actually in tomato sauce.
-"Beans on Toast" is the equivalent of Ramen Noodles for Uni students here in the U.K.
-All the cigarette packs here are sold with a "SMOKING KILLS" sign written on them.
-But that sign doesn't seem to hinder anyone from smoking, because at least half the people we meet are smokers. The 'coolness factor' of smoking kind of faded out in America, but not here! 
-Most people think that we are Jehovah's Witnesses, but when we explain that we are Mormons, (and the fact that we believe in blood transfusions) people actually stutter and ask "Well, who are ya then?" It gives us prime opportunity to explain our purpose! #thanksJDubbs
A massive chair in front of a pub.

Candid uke moments...
#jammin #doublechins

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