Monday, March 27, 2017

To Be or Not To Be.

A Selfie for my Mommy on U.K. Mother's Day

Dear fam,

      Transfer news is in and Sister Romo is being transferred to Mexico City! She departs Wednesday morning bright and early. And I will be getting the one and only Sister Cebellero!! Woot! I was praying and actually predicted our companionship. We are pretty pumped! We have served around each other a ton and I am so excited to learn from her! 
Our beautiful investigator Kristina (left)
and her best friend Sarah (right). We love these ladies!

Our wonderful Sandra. 
This is Sarah's mom! She joined the church 3 years ago and
 we are now teaching her mother :) Amazing.

The amount of times that we have had to go to
stinkin' KwikFit this transfer has been insane!! Car troubles are a 👎.

African dance parties after exchanges.. Holla. 

      The bummer about transfers is that we only have two sets of sisters that we are over! Only two! One in Lichfield Zone and one here in Coventry Zone. We need more sisters in the mission field!! If you have been thinking about serving a mission, but haven't made up your mind yet..THIS IS YOUR SIGN!! We need you out here! The Lord needs you on His team! There is nothing like Sister Power! Serve a mission! It's the greatest thing you will ever do! 
 Screenshot of us practicing for our Sacrament debut. Lol.
 Biggest struggle ever. It turned out great though! 
Eating traditional African sadza with our hands!!
Sister Mwoyosvi knows what's up!

Red Nose Day! Don't really know what it was for, other
 than it is for a charity and it was a good reason to wear red noses!
That's Sister Cebellero next to me :) 
     Elder Langi, Elder Turnbow, and I sang in church on Sunday. We chose 'Abide With Me; Tis Eventide' and it turned out lovely. Our practices were ridiculous and hardly ever focused, but we were able to pull it together for Sacrament. Holla. 
      We went to Banbury on exchanges this weekend and had a wonderful traditional African meal. It's kind of like cream of wheat that takes a gelatin form and you use it to scoop up the other food on your plate. It is supposed to be eaten only with your hands and it was so fun! I love experiencing so many different cultures!! :)

     The Spanish dinners this week were awesome and we enjoyed spending our last moments with the Latino families! This ward is awesome and will miss Sister Romo so much. I am excited for Sister Cebellero to be here and to use her Spanish in this ward. We are finding so many Spanish families that are ready to be taught and accept the gospel! 

Saturday morning sports in Cov-love.

      We taught a lesson to Kristina with Sarah on Thursday and it was so cool! We were so bold about baptism and receiving her own answer to her sincere prayers. She opened up about some of her concerns and wep were able to address them by using the scriptures and it was AWESOME! When you're just sitting in a lesson and a scripture comes to mind, it is thee coolest. I'm grateful that the Lord is using me to help to meet the needs of others. I know this truly is His work and can only be done with His Spirit. 
Sister Harrigfed's masterpiece! So cool, right?

 Our picture from MLC on March 3rd. Amber is my bestie.

     We went to Stratford-upon-Avon today!! It is the birthplace of Shakespeare. It was such a cool experience. We were able to see his grave, his homes, and the streets that he walked. The village is beautiful and there were countless thick American accents that filled my ears! People from all over the filed into the cobblestone walkway and it was a joy to be a tourist amongst them all. Quite fascinating to see his home, to see the font where he was baptised as a baby, and to see the reenactment of some of my favourite plays. The souvenir shops sure got the best of us today! How many people get to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare and to walk the streets that he walked? Amazing. I want to go into Journalism/English when I return home, so this was an absolute thrill for me! Such a privilege to experience it all. 

     Yesterday was British Mother's Day and all of us missionaries were holding back tears during church. Haha, nah. It wasn't that bad, but bad enough to fill our minds with thoughts of our precious Mum's. So grateful for an awesome mom whose example means the world to me!! :)

           Sister Sydney Jones

Shakespeare's childhood home.

His Baptism font and grave.

Proper toilet use.  (:

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