Monday, March 13, 2017

I can do ALL things

First a part of Syd's letter to me this morning and our discussion about the initiation of the Sacrament and the Garden of Gethsemane in Luke Chapter 22.  
Take a few minutes to study, if you can :)
Hey mom! 

Thanks for all the updates. I loved your insights about Luke 22. Go and read a talk called "The Purifying Power of Gethsemane" by Bruce R. McConkie. I read it this morning and it's talks about how Michael (Adam) is that angel! So amazing, huh? Also, it talks about how the Saviour was led away with a rope around his neck and President Leppard stated that no where, to his knowledge, does it state that Doctrine. Thus hinting at the fact that Elder McConkie has had the privilege of "seeing/witnessing" that moment by the power of God. And he shared that information with us. Amazing. I loved the talk.

Dear fam,
       Good, busy week here In Cov-love. This is gonna be short because we just got done ballin and are going to dinner with my favourite Welsh humans, but just know that I am loving my mission still.. I'm not getting too trunky and I'm still finding joy in this hard 18 month

     Sister Romo is 15 days from her departure. She is so excited for home!  Hahah sooo hard to not be jealous! :) but we are looking forward to a great week here in Cov.
Sister B working her magic.

Work overs w/ our sisters in Wolverhampton. SO FUN.

     On Tuesday we were at the Bird's for dinner. We decided to do the teabag example of our burdens being made light. (I light a teabag on fire and it floats to the sky before it burns my hand) As soon as I lit it on fire, the little girl coughed and it fell sideways, nearly to the ground. HEART ATTACK! By the grace of God, I was able to catch it with composure and carry on with the application of the demonstration. My heart was going SO fast and I was just a lot terrified that I would ruin their beautiful Egyptian carpet. Hahahaha mercy. The Lord provides. Lesson to be learned: Dont light things on fire when you are sitting next to children. :) #survivors
My mission daddy is going home.
Peace out Wag-daddy.

Exchanges with my mission granddaughter.
She's the coolest. :)
He's gonna kill me, but this is Elder Johnson...or
     We had Zone Conference this week with Leicester. It was an incredible opportunity and privilege to be taught by President and Sister Leppard. As he carried us through his trainings, the Lord testified to me that he truly was an inspired man of God. I know that he is led to direct this mission only by the power and authority of God. Our mission culture is changing and we are beginning to see more success as a result of the change. Amazing. There are great things ahead!
6 hours and 5 bags of rubbish later...Spring cleaning

     I have had ample opportunities to use the Atonement this week. It was 
my goal to use it more in my life this past week and boy did I have opportunities! Yikes. So many mistakes, things that I did or didn't do, thoughts, actions....the list is endless. I am grateful for the
purifying power that came when Christ suffered in the Garden of
Gethsemane just for me. Just for a small moment, he suffered for me and all the mistakes that I will ever make. And because of that, I can be free. I am grateful for the countless second chances that he
provides for me. He is the Almighty healer. The only one that can heal these terrible spiritual wounds and prevent us from darkness. How grateful I am for that!!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." 
                                                                                        -PHIL 4:13
I haven't taken a selfies in months... Here ya go. :)

     I love Coventry and the people that we are working with. We are seeing miracles and are so excited to continue to work hard. I know that they will come. I know that we will find the elect and bring them towards the waters of Baptism. I know this is the work of Salvation. What a privilege it is to be apart of it.

      Have a great week and make the most of each moment that you have with those you love and doing those things that make you happy!!

              All my love,

                        Sister Sydney Jones

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