Monday, February 13, 2017

Sister Jones Gets Transferred Yet Again!

I can't fully explain it, but this place has stolen my heart.

My goodness, I'm gonna miss this place. <3


      Haha. Life is crazy. Dodge came in at 9:33p.m. last night. My assumptions were right and I am being transferred to Coventry, England! My new companion will be Sister Romo from Mexico City! I will be following Sister Belnap, as she is moving to Harborne. It will be great! Uhmm, another 1 transfer area has been hard to swallow. I am honestly just praying that this will be my final area. 10 companions and 6 areas later and I am struggling to find consistency. It has been hard. I just have to remember that there is somebody in this new area that the Lord needs me to find. I know that He is aware of me and has a plan in store. 
Grandma Taylor makes these dolls for the missionaries in the Merthyr Zone!!
Hahaha gotta love her!

 Owners didn't like us and neither did the chihuahua.. :)

Ponty chapel

       When you're only in an area for 6 weeks, it's hard to understand why you are even there. I have asked myself this question all week long and had no comforting answer until Saturday evening. The confirmation came in the form of a less-active sister who phoned to tell us that she wasn't going out to drink with her friends! Two nights in a row! Ahhhhh! So amazing! We rejoiced together and I had a tender moment of realization that she was the reason that I was sent here. I know that the Lord has a plan!
Traditional Thai rice. SO good!

Vera, (next to me), was a bond girl! She was a juggler in
 Octopussy, met her husband in the circus,
did ballet on the top of an elephant,
 and is completely AMAZING! So fun! 

This is how bloated I was after that Subway sandwich.

      On Wednesday, we went to Subway and I enjoyed a foot long sandwich. It was nice for about 30 minutes and then it tried to kill me. Poor Sister Romero was frantic as we ran around for quite along while until I found some relief. Long story short, I am now gluten-free. I have built up an intolerance to gluten in this country in the past 14 months. Yikes. It has been a rough transition and the realization of all the things that I cannot eat has been incredible. No pizza, no bread, no pasta, no comfort food. :) Wow. Haha I'm sure you can imagine how hard this has been for me, but I know that the Lord is strengthening me at this time. I am already feeling SO much better. It will be hard, but I am so grateful to be feeling better. If any of you are g.f., I would appreciate all the advice that you have to give!! :)

My beautiful Anne had me over for dinner on splits in Caerphilly.
Love her so much! 

 Cardiff Zone Sisters! So much love!!! 

Our beautiful Christine.
She has become an absolute treasured gem of my mission!

 That same night, we were able to see a potential named Anthony. We got to the door, only to find out that he wasn't home. As the words choked in my throat, I asked his wife if we could come in NOW and teach her instead. She hesitated and then invited us in! Woot! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was incredible! Anthony came home halfway through the lesson and we were able to extend powerful commitments to them both! Ahhhhh. So cool! I know the sisters will take great care of them!
Last Zone Meetings in Wales. Lovin' em.

LOL. Hahah every time we see this car we just have to laugh. 
                           Funny British cars.

Sister Romero was my first greenie as an STL.
Love her so much! #Aussielove

      We were able to see the beautiful Christine Shah three times this week. She has been blind for 15 years from a freak accident when the doctors accidentally cut her optic nerve. She never sued or anything because she knew, afterwards, that she was always meant to be blind. Amazing! She is the most positive, loving person I have ever met. She has never been blind to me. I am so grateful to have met and learned from her in these past 6 weeks here in Ponty. I know that our reunion in the spirit world will be unlike anything else. We are kindred spirits indeed. 

      I am so grateful for the time that I have had to serve with Sister Funk here in Pontypridd. She has taught me so much. I am grateful to have been reminded to be patient, to listen, and to be genuine. White-washing has been an experience and a half and I know that Sister Sharp will fill my shoes with no problem! I know that Ponty is in great hands. This ward has been wonderful and I will miss the people so much.
Happy Valentines Day!

A district full of elders and two little sisters :)

British selfies! :)

      It has been an absolute privilege to serve in 3 different areas in Wales. More than half of the missionaries here don't even set foot in Wales. There is a reason that it is so close to my heart; my ancestors have walked these roads and the Welsh blood runs thick through my veins. These people have welcomed me into their homes and let me become apart of their families. I couldn't ask for anything more. How blessed am I? 

All my Welsh love,
Sister Sydney Jones

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