Monday, February 20, 2017

Christ says, "Give me ALL."

4 Brunettes=A Party
Dear fam,

 So, once upon a time, I arrived in Coventry and found out that we
were having a Baptism in 5 days. WHAT?! It was crazy busy and I'm still a little stressed from it all, but it was great! Her name is
Jen. She is an incredible woman who has found meaning to her life
through the Gospel. I totally feel like I swooped in and shouldn't
have any credit for her baptism, but it was a privilege to be apart of
the experience. It was the closest Sister B and I will ever get to
serving with each other; sharing a baptism...pretty cool. S/O to Sis.
B & Romo for doing all the work ;)

 Sister Romo is 29 and from Mexico City. It was been fun to be with a Mexican and to be speaking Spanish as much possible! Hah I want to get to the point where we only speak Spanish in the flat. She has been able to use her Spanish a lot with Portuguese and Guatemalan families.  I kind of just stand there, smile, and say "Holá" whenever there is a moment of silence. Hahah you gotta do what you gotta do! I have a goal to learn as much as I can from her before she goes home in 5 weeks! It will go so quickly!
Jen's beautiful day ❤️

The 4 sisters that had the privilege of teaching her.
Thornton came from Stamford and Belnap came from Harborne.

 Coventry is incredibly diverse, almost as much as Leicester. People from all over the world and loads from South American countries. Driving here has been an interesting experience. I've only ever driven in Wales, so this big city is a big change! Sister Romo can't drive, so I am designated 24/7. We almost died 3 times the first night with a car full of luggage and two bikes on a dodgy bike rack, but the Lord did provide! :)
Last meal in Ponty! S/O to Bernard for giving me a steak as big as
my face! :) And yes, I did finish it all.

 On Wednesday we had an evening full of miracles. At 7pm, we began knocking doors. We met Sajid, taught him about Jesus' Atonement, and got a return appointment. Knocked a few more doors and came to the Vintila family from Romania. They invited us in and learned that they spoke very little English. All of the sudden Sister Romo started speaking in Italian and totally taught them a lesson! Again, I sat smiling and focused on the feeling of the spirit in the room. It's amazing that the gospel and the spirit are the same, no matter what language it is preached in. We are going back on Wednesday evening to teach them again!
This dodgy bike rack was holding on only by Sister Nielsen's
sheets. Talk about the scariest drive EVER.

 We came back to our flat to find that the power was out in our
complex. We began lighting tea lights and tried to find a torch(flashlight). We heard our neighbours open their door, so we went to talk with them. Beena proceeded to tell us that she has always wanted to learn from the sisters, but never really had the opportunity to ask. Her son Akshay told us that he learned about Mormons in his R.E. class. We told them to hold on for a second while we ran into our flat to grab a Book of Mormon. Little did they know, we visited an Indian member of our ward earlier that day and asked the father to write his testimony in Hindi, inside of the BOM. That very same evening we were able to hand that same Book of Mormon to Beena and her son. As they read from it, there eyes lit up and their appreciation was clear. We had the opportunity to teach them yesterday after church and it was POWERFUL. Such a fun lesson to teach! They had so many questions and the best part was, Beena asked "How do I get involved?" Ahhhhh. We are so excited to see them this Saturday and then for them to meet the member, whose testimony written in the BOM lit the fire of
their testimonies! MIRACLES.

 The Coventry ward is wonderful. So welcoming and full of love.
Everyone has been quite disappointed that I am not Sister B, but they smile and hug me anyways. :) Bless. I know that I am her to find those who are prepared here in Cov. I pray that I can do as much as I possibly can while I am here.

The newest lawn ornament outside of the Coventry chapel. #classy

 It has not been easy, but it is because I am experiencing a little
bit of what the Saviour did. Rejection, disappointment, hypocrisy,
sin, frustrations, etc. My only hope is that I will be able to handle
all of these trials like the Saviour did. My bishop sent me a letter
last week saying, "Smile. Deep breath. & let the Lord work through you to touch the lives of others." He can't work through me if I am
frustrated; therefore, it's up to me to change. I know that as I use
the Atonement, I will be sustained..that I will be humbled and drawn closer to my Saviour.

 The motto for our district this transfer is: "Christ says 'Give me
all.'" by C.S. Lewis. Not an ounce, but everything. All of you. He
wants every flaw and imperfection. He wants 18 months, not 15. He wants a dedicated saint, not only a Sunday worshipper. He wants someone who isn't afraid of sharing their beliefs. He wants the elect, the prepared, the humble. This quote will most definitely be the one to get me through the last few months of my mission, as my body is slowing down and trials seem to never cease. I will give Him my all, because He already did the same for me!

Have a blessed week,

Sister Sydney Jones
For your enjoyment....Photobooth is hilarious! (:

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