Monday, February 29, 2016

Bear in the Big Blue House

Me with Bear from that one show that I loved as a child!! I cannot even remember the name of it. Bear and the big blue house? I was just stoked to see it! 

Hello family and friends!

     I hope you are all doing well and have had a memorable week!
Ours has been seriously the busiest week Sister Scherf and I have had together. We have taught so many lessons, talked to so many people, and have learned so much! We were able to find two people who formerly had contact with the missionaries. One lesson in particular, we got to know this family quite well and it was time to go, so we asked if we could share a video called "Because of Him". We did so and when we looked up, the less-active wife's eyes were open wide and she was speechless. No one said a word and we were able to let the spirit work with them for a little while. We then had the opportunity to bare powerful testimonies on life of our Savior Jesus Christ. We left that home filled with the spirit and it was very evident that the family felt something. We hope that as they come to recognise the power they felt, that their desire to grow and change will become stronger. 

Sister Marsden and I during exchanges! She is tiny and SO awesome! 

      We had the opportunity to go to Merthyr and go on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders! My first exchange! It was such a blast! I felt so privileged to be learning from such incredible missionaries. 

     I went on exchange with Sister Marsden from Shelley, Idaho! Woot! I actually know her brother from home. It was so fun to talk about home and the people that we both knew. She taught me so much. She helped me to understand that growth is a gradual thing. That even though it's nice that I want to be the perfect missionary right now it's not logical. I can do everything in my power to follow every prompting I receive, but I won't magically become "superwoman" overnight or even over the next 15 months or 50 years! It just isn't possible. 

Hilarious V-day letter from gram! Seriously, I cannot tell you how hard I laughed about the piece of gum! I had been longing for normal gum all morning and then I got this! Super special moment. Gram knows whats up

      I am learning to understand that it's okay to not be perfect right now or ever. It's okay to struggle and to grow slowly. It's okay for you (whoever you are) to not be 'supermom' or dad. Chances are you are doing a heck of a lot better than you give yourself credit for. I know that if we continue forth and do all we can to follow in His footsteps, that we will soon find ourselves at His feet, standing in His glory, rejoicing at that blessed day!
     Smile at your imperfections and your shortcomings. Smile when the hard times seem to nearly break you, because He loves you enough to test you and make you into something far greater than you could ever imagine. Shortcomings simply mean that we have room to grow! So why not smile when we stumble? :) Nothing better than a little struggle! 

      This week, it has been made known to me how much music is apart of my life. I have always loved music and singing where ever and whenever, but now, it means so much more! I sing when I am frustrated, when I am happy, when I am tired, when I need a laugh, all the time! Sister Scherf and I have been searching for a stress-reliever for quite some time now and we finally figured it out this week! Making videos! We find so much joy in doing it and love it so much! I know music speaks to us in a way that normal words cannot. It is incredible. I am so grateful for Emma Smith and the contribution she made to the church in putting together the hymn book. It is filled with scripture and powerful stories/testimonies! I love it all so much! 
Pizza lunch on top of the castle.

    This week has been one of hard work and submitting to His will. We have been working very diligently and have seen many miracles because of that dedication! My eyes have been opened to see the true desires and intents of my heart. I have been able to reflect on the person I was before my mission (prideful, selfish, stubborn) and I am still very much those things but now that I see those weaknesses, I have such a great desire to overcome them! I know that this experience is meant to humble me and cause me to have a "mighty change of heart", which I am so grateful for! I am not quite sure this mighty change could be wrought in me, without having these trying moments here in the mission field. 

Ranch is goonnneeeeee.... :( BUT, Deb is bringing some home for me from the great USA. We will be celebrating with pizza! 

    My mom just informed me that I have been out for 90 days! 3 months! What in thee world? Where has the time gone? It is scary how fast the time is flying. I am trying to grasp every single second that I have here in Caerphilly..these moments are so precious to me.
This work is sacred. These moments are some that I will draw much strength and growth from for the rest of my life. I know these experiences will be consecrated for my children and future family. I feel so privileged to be here in the England Birmingham Mission for a whole 18 months! It is just mind-boggling to me how blessed I am! 

Us in blankets at the wonderful Williams home for Sunday tea yesterday.

     This week, I had many members and missionaries tell me to enjoy these mission moments because they go by so quickly. No pressure. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Try to take in all that you can and don't forget it. Oh, and don't forget to convert others while you are learning to become truly converted as well.. Hahah it's incredible! I love being out here so much. I know that this is His work! I know this Gospel is true. I am learning so much!

     This morning, we work up at 5am and hiked to the top of Caerphilly Mountain to watch the sun rise! Cute huh? Crazy? Yes.. It was SO worth it though! Standing on the edge of the mountain, looking at the village that has stolen my heart, was a very precious moment for me. I had the opportunity to thank my Father in Heaven for sending me here, for giving me this beautiful opportunity to learn and grow and teach here in Caerphilly. It was just a magnificent moment that I am so grateful I could have! 

Castle Coch 
     Sister Scherf and I are sure packing a ton of memories in before the next transfer calls, just in case one of us leaves. I know these memories will last us a lifetime! 

      Thank you so much for all your support! I appreciate your prayers and love so much! Thank you thank you! 

I hope you all have a splendid week!! Write to me and tell me how you're getting along! :) 

I'd love to hear! I'll talk to you soon! 

Taa-daa love!

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