Monday, February 8, 2016

Baptism Baptism Baptism!

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It was Harry Potter day here in the UK!!! The Library went all out!  Super cool to hear English kids reading Harry Potter outloud.. Kind of like getting the total package if you ask me! Super cool!

Dear beautiful people, 

Hello! How are you? How is the weather? How is life? Write to me and tell me how you are doing! I would love to hear all about the little and big things happening in your life!! :)
At testimony meeting yesterday, the ward was relieved to hear that we were staying. It was really cool to see how many members bore their testimonies about missionary work and how much they love having Sister Scherf and I in the ward. We were flooded with hugs and kisses following sacrament-all glad that we were staying. This place has definitely become my home away from home. We have moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and grandparents all in this ward! It really is so special. We are a big family. And their desire to assist us in the work has grown as well. When they see our desire to work hard and help their ward to grow, they see that we are serious and want to help us. It is wonderful! 

Transfer news comin' atcha! We received transfer calls on Monday evening and found out that Sister Scherf and I will be staying together in Caerphilly for at least one more transfer! Woot! Talk about nerves. We were both super glad to be staying in this wonderful area, ward, and with each other.

I cannot really remember what happened this past week, but we we are able to see the fruits of our labours come out in way of Anthony's baptism! All week he was expressing his excitement and also his nerves for taking the plunge. But he continued on and was SO excited to be baptized on Saturday evening. His face was glowing like a little kid at Christmas! As we sat down in the chapel before the baptism started, he leaned over and said "I feel so calm right now". :) Man. I was all of the sudden reminded of the calmness that this Gospel and Christ offers us, as long as we are willing to step away from the word and follow Him! 

His innocence and faith were such a testimony builder to me. He doesn't know a lot, but he does know that the spirit has testified to him of the truthfulness of this gospel. And that, that right there...that is enough. He knows it is true, therefore all the details don't matter so much right now. We are all on the same path, some are just a little further along than others. We are all trying to obtain the same knowledge and get back HOME. It's as simple as that. You don't need to know everything, you just need to know enough! 

      When the time came for Anthony to be baptized, I felt like a proud mommy watching my child make the best decision of their life! He came up from the water, so clean and so pure. Symbolism everywhere. His smile was HUGE!! Ahh, best moment on the planet! 

     On Sunday, he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and that was just magical! The spirit was extremely evident and we could feel the ward wrapping their arms around him. Afterwards, it was like we saw a new man. He just glowed with the "after baptism glow" that is so special and incredible. He said "I feel the Holy Ghost with me". We just laughed and held back tears and said "Good! You are supposed to! We are so proud of you". I will forever have a special bond with this man and remember this special day in his life. 

      We ended the week with a sleepover in our living room last night! It sounds silly because we're already sharing a room, but it was SO much fun! Am so grateful for Sister Scherf and the bond that grows stronger every day. I feel very privileged to be learning from her and through her. The work here in Caerphilly is continuing forth and we are so excited to see what this coming week has in store for us!
I love you all! Thank you for all you do for me. I am feeling the love!

Fun facts:
-the leg muscles I am getting from biking up the hills in Wales are AWESOME! Hahah glad to see that all this struggle is paying off physically :)

-the rain here has NOT STOPPED at all this week! We get soaked through our jackets nearly every day. 

I love you so much!! ❤️❤️
Our district! Elder Zegarra, Elder Wagner (District Leader), Sister Infanger (from Salmon, Idaho), Sister Spangler, us. Love them all!
Sister Belnap and I in the MTC. Just loved this pic and barely got it.
We have a record of all the missionaries who have served here in Carephilly and I found some good ones! Do you know any of them?

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