Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Christmas from Wales!

Christmas present from President & Sister Leppard. Cool eh? #EBM 🙂


Hello fam! 
       It is a chilly day here in Merthyr. We have had an extremely busy week with lots of memories made! The highlight of the week would have to be our ward Christmas party titled "Welcome to Bethlehem". It was fantastic! We all came traditionally dressed and wandered around the markets to find turkey & beef baps and Danish buns! Then the members acted out the nativity, while Sister Berrett and I sang in the angelic choir! The spirit was felt, the food was delicious, and the kids loved it! Such a fun idea.
7 legs, 2 hijab's, and a redhead.

       Welcome to Bethlehem in Merthyr. 
          Such a magical evening! 

The relief society Christmas party and a visitor from Caerphilly! #JONES

Elder Wagner and I.

Naughtier or nice?

Such a fun night! Rhian is the coolest.

The Joneses! How cool are they??


      We had exchanges in Cardiff this week with Sisters Nkomo & Jampapan. What a blast! Sister Nkomo is going into physical therapy when she gets home, so she gave us both awesome back massages! Woot! Then we painted each other's nails and went to their sauna in the morning. FYI: don't go in one of those death traps unless you want to feel as though you are suffocating.. Not my favourite experience ever.. But other than that, it was an awesome exchange! 
Trunky meeting! 6 months left!! 👐🏼 Love these sisters!

      This week I had my Self-Reliance (Trunky) Meeting. It happens when you are 6 months from going home. It consists of 6 hours in a chair, taking tests, making partial resumes, and trying to figure out what the heck we are going to do with our lives. Most people had 3-4 pages of possible career options... I had 28! WHAT?! My results consisted of a fish farmer, bricklayer, playwright, barrister, microbiologist, and very few logical options. MERCY. This is a call for help! Hahah, what do you think I should go into when I get home? Any in put would very much appreciated. :) 
Welsh hills and SHEEP!


I got my learners (losers) license! Woot!

       I actually finished the Book of Mormon this morning, which was a very tender experience for me. I have been filled with gratitude for everyone that died so that this book could be placed in my hands; and therefore, shape my entire life! I challenge you all to involve the Book of Mormon somewhere in your New Years resolutions! I can testify that it will only better you and benefit your family!
Exchanges with the best in Cardiff! Sister Nkomo & Sister Jampapan 🤓
Exchanges with Newport!

       This week I was reminded that before my mission, I really relied on my mother for everything. Any question or bump in the road and she was only a call away. But, as a missionary...that luxury is basically gone. We are left to sort out those bumps in the road with the big man upstairs. It is not an easy adjustment, but it is one that causes us missionaries to completely rely on our Heavenly Father; a man in whom we have never seen, but know is there. I am grateful for the humbling experience that it has been to realise that I cannot do this on my own, that I do in fact need His help. I know Him better because I need Him and the help that he constantly provides for me. I testify that He is only a prayer away! He will never leave you! He loves you! He is the Almighty. 

      Happy Christmas from Wales! I hope you are all enjoying the madness that is this Christmas season. It is so easy to be consumed with every last minute item and the havoc of trying to plan the perfect Christmas meal! But I pray that you will remember to keep Christ in Christmas this year. When all the wrapping and tinseling is done, be sure to make your home a place that the Saviour would like to stay on his special day. Remind your children of the true meaning of Christmas. And may it be very merry and bright! :) 

  Enjoy this beautiful week! 

                        Sister Jones

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