Monday, April 11, 2016

Do You KNOW You Are A Child of God?

**First a snap shot of her letter to me**

Mother mother!

     What a joy it is to have received these beautiful pictures of my beautiful family!! Oh man! Brother Rob Taylor came up to me as soon as we got to the chapel yesterday and said "Have you seen them?" "Have I seen what?" "The pictures of your sister! they're on Facebook!" Hah, he whipped his phone out right there and showed me the wonderful pictures that Sarah posted! Oh it filled my soul! No, I did not cry. And I haven't cried :) I cannot help but have a smile a mile wide! I am so grateful that you are all together! And might I say that you looking absolutely wonderful! And your hair is so darn cute!! Plus, Sarah's camera is way nice, so those memories can be held in high def! Woot! Please do that for me when I come home :)
     Thank you for being so sensitive with telling be about all these glorious experiences, but I am doing great! Friday was a little hard, as we had a little too much time to think about it. But Saturday was great and we have been incredibly busy ever since! The joy in pictures from home has lifted me to cloud nine and I couldn't be any happier! 
     I stood to bare my testimony yesterday and was overwhelmed with how this beautiful place has become my home. I related Katelyn's homecoming to how we will one day be called home to our Heavenly Father and their might not be banners and cake, but there before us; will stand our Saviour! How glorious that day will be! This life is our mission and we've go to do all that we can to improve ourselves and those around us before it's our time to go! :)
      It is so fun to hear about her getting off the plane and hugging you and daddy, then seeing Jaden (He is GIGANTIC by the way! Stop feeding him! He's about to pass up dad!) and crying! How sweet is that experience! From the pictures and explanations, I feel like I was there and have envisioned it a few times. So fun :) The whole family was there and you all look SO wonderful!
I was telling dad that I cannot imagine how hard it would be to take off the badge.. Goodness. I cannot imagine. I would burst into tears too. She is so strong. I've heard the transition is hard, but I hope she'll be okay. I am imagining her being a mission and so confident and I am just so proud of her! That must be so fun to watch! Have you just cried and cried? Or more laughed with her? :) I'm sure you are just loving it! We never thought this day would come!
And Jaden bore his testimony!? Woot! Awesome!
     I hope the (Logan) temple is wonderful. Every time we teach about temples, I just miss it so much. Not going for a whole year and a half will be the longest time away in my life! I could never stay away this long at home. I hope you enjoy it so much! Take her to get some Aggie ice cream afterwards and take a picture like we did at that table :)
There is so much going on and I am so excited for you all! It's crazy that she starts back so soon! Mercy.. You hardly get to keep her! But I hope she gets distracted with school work quite quickly.. All will be well! So funny that she still goes to the bathroom in the middle of dinner! Gosh I miss her.
Thank you for asking about my week. IT WAS EASILY THE BEST WEEK I HAVE HAD ON MY MISSION THUS FAR! :) :) 

Bottles: Clean water! The tap water here is gross!
Pic w/ girl: Kirstie Wilkinson
 YSA in our ward
     There is no where I would rather be at this time then in Caerphilly with the wonderful superstar Sister Wiesner. She will be leaving me in two weeks, but I will hopefully be here for another 5 after that. I pray, I pray!
     There is so much more that I want to tell you, but I'll have to write it in my family letter because I'm running out of time. But here are some pictures from this week!

I love you!!!

**Now the for the main attraction**
Good afternoon from Caerphilly!!

     This week has been one straight from heaven! Wow! I will just share a few experiences for the sake of time. But needless to say, this has been the best week that I have had on my mission thus far! I cannot explain how many miracles we have seen, nor how often we have been the Lord's instruments. I cannot full comprehend how I got so blessed to be here in Wales, sharing this good news! Every time I feel the promptings/reassurance of the spirit, it is a testament to me that I am here for a reason. I know that I am supposed to be in this country at this special and chosen time! This work is changing me. This work gives me the unique opportunity to serve everyone around me and I absolutely love it!

     I was actually asked this week what has been the best thing about my mission so far. Tough question. But, it would have to be when we can see in the investigators eyes that they know that they are a child of God! It is a powerful, tender moment that I long for every human to experience! Because, when you know that you are a divine child of God, you stand a little taller, you speak a little more confident, and you look at yourself a little different. Do you know that you are a child of God? Entrusted with divine qualities that you are given to bless the lives of others? Do you know this?! If you do not, pray to your Father in Heaven to know that you are. That you are loved beyond all comprehension, that you have a purpose here on this earth! And if you already know this, please share it with those around you! Everyone deserves to know that they are loved! :)

      On Thursday this week, we were able to meet with a mother named Andrea and a beautiful young soul of age eight, Lowri. We were able to speak about the Restoration of the gospel and about the Plan of Salvation. Every few minutes, Lowri would ask a question of understanding and repeat to us what she had just learned! She is like a little sponge of a human! 
      As I had the opportunity to share Joseph Smiths words about the first vision, my chest felt heavy and I recited His words. 
      "I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me. When the light rested upon me, I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other, this is my Beloved Son, hear Him!" 
      I saw in Andrea's eyes that she felt the power in those words. She understood that Joseph did truly see God and His Son! She knew that because He knew Joesph's name, That God does actually know her name too! She knew that she was a daughter of God and has a divine purpose here on this earth! It was incredible! Shortly after this, Lowri turned to her mother and said, "Mom, when can I be baptized?" Ahhhh! We both took a gasp in and all laughed together! We were able to commit them to read the Book of Mormon and for them to come to church! They are both so excited and it is great to see the enthusiasm that little Lowri has. Miracles!

      Next miracle, we were able to find a FAMILY! Natasha, Geraint, and Nyree. The sweet baby is 5 months and they have been married for 2 years. Neither of them knew about God or Jesus and they have never been to church. 
     They kept asking questions upon questions and we answered them and they accepted our answers with great understanding and excitement! We actually taught them 3 lessons in an hour and a half! All because of the questions that they were asking! 

     We invited them to kneel with us and pray at the end of the lesson and it was SO COOL! As I said that prayer, it was hard to hold back my tears because I just imagined them in the temple, being sealed as a family! That spirit was incredible! I get tinglies just talking about it! 

     We left that home and just skipped down the road and were absolutely speechless!!!

      This was definitely a defining moment of my mission so far and I am so grateful that the Lord entrusted us to have that experience! I am so grateful!
      I know this gospel is true and I am having the absolute time of my life! Thank you for your prayers and love! I feel them! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Sister Jones

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