Monday, March 14, 2016

Taa-Dah Love! TRANSFERS.

Hello hello beautiful people,

  How have you been? 
I feel like time is just flying right on by and it's crazy to think that life just keeps going on at home. What's the haps? How are your dogs, pigeons, horses, families? Let me know! 

  Well, we will just start off with a bang. TRANSFER NEWS! We received a call on Friday night from President Leppard. He said "Sister Scherf, the Lord has called you to be a Sister Training Leader. Will you accept?" I ran around the flat while Sister Scherf was calm and accepting her call. As she hung up and I calmed down a bit, we just started to cry! Ahh. It was just hard to realize that we were being separated! She really has become my best friend in the last three months and it's hard to imagine this work and Caerphilly in general without her by my side. It will not be an easy transition, but I look forward to hearing about her experiences in Nottingham, England! I know she will be an incredible leader and guide the sisters to improve themselves and reach their missionary potential! 
  I, on the other hand, will be leading the area and be getting Sister Weisner from Switzerland! WHAT?!? I know right.. Foreign's everywhere! Hahah, I'm kidding. But I am so excited to meet this legend of a missionary! She is coming from being a Sister Training Leader(STL) in Harborne, England and this will be her last transfer(6 weeks) in the mission. I feel so privileged to be surrounded by such incredible missionaries and look forward to learning Sister Weisner's wise ways! (ha) It will be yet another crazy adventure!
  This week, Sister Scherf and I have worked diligently and were able to contact 56 former investigators and 33 less-actives! It definitely kept us busy and we were worn out by the timeSunday came, but we were able to sit by two of our investigators in church, as well as our recent convert Anthony! So....we were pretty stoked about that! :) 
  We are excited to see the wards help in all the we are doing. They are so willing to fellowship and be a friend. We are so grateful for the love and support that they have given us. with Sister Scherf leaving, we were about to see most members and get lots and lots of hugs! It was a sweet, emotional experience!
  While studying this week, I came across a scripture in John 14:18 that says "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." It is so simple. Yet, so full of power! I know that the hard times that are sure to come in our lives will not last. Heavenly Father gives us Trials so that we may learn from them and once he feels we have done so, He will relieve that pain from us. But while we are going through those difficult moments, He will not leave us. He is there. He will come. But only if we are willing to submit to His will and do what He asks of us. It is such a blessing to know that He will always be there; rain or snow, fire or storm, the good and the bad. Always. 

       I would like to challenge you all to find comfort in His words and seek for His help in all that you do. His plan is far greater and more miraculous than you could ever imagine. Trust in His divine hands; for they are there to heal, to mold, and to hold you up. You are loved. You are cherished! Believe that. Treat yourselves as such. True sons and daughters of a loving Father in Heaven. Woah! :)

       I am so grateful to be here in Caerphilly and to have been blessed to be trained by Sister Scherf. Her patience and love for me is incredible. I cannot fully express how thankful I am for her and how much I will miss her. I know we were placed in each others paths for a reason and we will truly be friends forever! 

       We have seen many miracles this week and have had many moments that reminded me just how precious this experience is. Whether it be pretending to play basketball on the top of a hill in Wales, eating Simpson doughnuts for lunch, or simply by taking cute pictures with the members that have blessed our lives so much...This work is amazing! I am having the time of my life and I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here! 

       Thank you for the words of encouragement, the cards, the letters, the pictures, and the emails! I am ever so grateful! Please keep them coming! Forgive me if I have not yet responded to you yet, I am reading them, but it is just so hard to find the time to write back amidst this crazy work! 

       I am so excited to see what this week holds! I can't wait to get to work with Sister Weisner and be able to send you cute pictures of us together! I hear she's taller than me, WHAT?!? Holla! It'll be lovely. 

       Thank you all again for the prayers and the love! I think of you often. (:

All my love from The Phil,

Sister Sydney Jones  

Sister Scherfs two recent converts. Wendy and Sam. They were wonderful!

Chilling while the food was in the oven!

Basketball in WALES! Super sweet. I love this picture. My one true love! 

Shootin' 3's and takin' names!

Sister Taylor who makes the most incredible cooked dinners and parsnips! Ahhh she is an angel. I seriously have adopted her as my Welsh grandma...

Us being cute in a park, on some swings..
Eating lunch in the park, overlooking the castle.
The missionary life.. Having to pee and only being able to find a toilet on somebodys pavement. Strruugggg.

The District on the way to The Big Pit Museum last Monday.

Us at The Big Pit (A coal mine) It was SO cold and so full of history! Wearing trousers is weriddddd. 
Beautiful Wales.

A cute yellow car.

Cute girls and Simpson doughnuts.

A true British girl...We went out for BBQ ribs and I ate them with a fork and knife. Hahah. You'd actually be really proud of my table manners mom! I am so darn proper now!

At a coal miners museum (look up the great Senghenydd Coal Mining Disaster) And there were over 64 people who died with the last name Jones.. Absolutely crazy! Most people we stop on the street start asking about my accent and then see my last name and are like "Oh! You're a Jones! You're from Wales! Let's be friends!" Okay, not all of them... but it has happened :)
Us at The Big Pit! Again, wearing trousers was weird! 

ANTHONY IS THE MAN!!! (Isn't this picture the cutest?)

Park pitstop

Nathan is the other man!!! 

Elder Page and Elder Jones! Elder Page goes home tomorrow and Elder Jones is from Finland! He will be with Elder Ofasi in my zone! I will be able to see him every Sunday! Super excited!

he Hutchinson family... We love them so much. He was our old ward mission leader.

Finding out about transfers. Happy/sad moments.

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