Monday, January 25, 2016

Tragic Bike Accident (s)

Dear fam-bam and peeps, 

  I hope you all had a good week! Before you begin reading, what is an experience you had in the past week in which you have seen the hand of God in your life? Ponder on that and how that situation would have been different, hadn't He intervened. You'll be amazed at the moments that He is closer than you think. And if you can't think of anything, look for His hand this week. 
Cute handouts I made for district meeting about obedience. Yes, those cookies are TINY!

  This week has been a BUSY one! Mercy. I kind felt like we were chickens running around with our heads cut off...but that is a very gruesome image, so we'll go with "we were extremely busy!" :) 

  On Wednesday, we received training from the First Presidency and the Missionary Department of the church. The training was given world wide and was filled with SO much good advice. One of the points that was made, was that we as missionaries are called to bring the word unto the children of men, but that the Holy Ghost is 'called' to bring the word into their hearts. I thought that was quite interesting and a great reminder. We bring the gospel to them and it is up to them whether they act on the promptings they receive from the spirit or if they ignore/diminish that special prompting. 
Flat inspection pic from last week

  The remainder of the week was filled with less-active visits, meeting with members, and teaching Anthony (a.k.a. the man!). It has been busy! We got a lot done and were able to catch up on so much.

       *Tragic bike accident story coming attcha.* On Friday, as we were headed to a lunch appointment, we were just riding a long, riding a long, having a nice ride down the busy streets of Caerphilly and I see my companion get up on the sidewalk without any warning..So I was like, well, "I better get up on that sidewalk quick!" *Only thinking that I had 1 tire to worry about. Then, SLAM! My back tire doesn't make it on to the pavement and I slid sideways for a good 5-6 feet. I totally felt like Batman when he slides underneath the moving semi on his Batmobile. But this was a heck of a lot graceful than that! Sister Scherk heard me slam to the ground and immediately stopped and came back, but I swear I was skidding for AGES! It was wonderful. As soon as I came to a stop, the elderly man in the car behind me gave his horn a little tap and waved and I was like "Yes, thank you Gramps for the consideration and for not running me over." -very kind man-. Anyway, I popped up and found that I was still intact! Nothing hurt and I was ready to continue biking!

  *Another tragic bike accident.* Nearly five minutes later, when we got nearly 30 yards from our lunch appointment, I decided to hope off my bike and walk. Well, my skirt had another idea..It gets caught on the seat as I am swinging my leg around and when you feel it get caught, there's no much you can do! You just have to accept the fact that you are about to fall to the pavement hard, very very hard! Holy moly. Hahah so, SLAM! My tights ripped, my knee was bloody, and I wrenched my wrist while trying to stop myself from falling (I know, stupid). All I could do was sit up and put my hands into my face, speechless. I could not believe how much one person could struggle in a matter of 5 minutes! My luck with bicycles in incredible. Sister Scherf helped me up and as we walked, all I could say was "There better be pizza inside. Warm, cheesy pizza." And guess what this member had on the table?! Warm, cheesy pizza! She saw my bloody knee and took us right in and treated us to pizza and cheesecake. Moral of the story is...Pizza can fix most things. :)
We set our ipads in the middle of the road so we could take these sweet pictures, cool huh?

  As we were riding home later that day, we found ourselves at the bottom of a hill that I have before decided to walk up, instead of attempting to bike up. But not this time! I put my bike into the lowest gear possible and peddaled m litle heart out. While I was peddaling, I uttered "Don't you quit. Don't you give up. Don't you give up." A little sweat tears later, I made it. As we came to the top of the hill, legs burning, I looked up to see another hill! But this time, it was downhill! I related this experience to life. When Heavenly Father asks us to peddal a little harder, to go a little farther, to have just a little more faith, HE WILL GIVE US REST! He will give us the help we need to get over the trails we are given and he will give us the rest we need and deserve. And if you feel like the hill you are on will never end or if you came over one hill, only to find another steep mountain to clime; your Sunday will come. You day of rest is near. Hold on just a little longer. Give him a little more faith and a little more courage and he will give you rest. Pray for strength and it shall be yours!

  "For with God, nothing shall be impossible."
                                                -Luke 1:37
      On Sunday, Anthony came to church, along with three of our recent converts and two less actives! It was GREAT! Throughout our meetings, Anthony would lean over and genuinely express his gratitude for bringing him to church and for teaching him the gospel. He was filled with the spirit and was so excited to meet all the members! It has been the greatest experience to see him recognize and feel the spirit. We can literally see it in his eyes. He loves learning more about Christ and about the plan of happiness that was made just for HIM! He will be baptized on the 6th of February and we are so excited for him!
Sisters in my Zone, and we all wore Polka Dots!
Went all the way back to Adam & Eve on FamilySearch!  *Super Cool*

   All in all, this week has been one of spiritual strengthening. I am grateful for the busy days, for the moments I think I can take no more, and for the miracles that I get to witness. I am so grateful for my trainer and for her patience with me. I am so thankful to be here and to be serving a mission in such a beautiful land. How blessed am I? This work is wonderful and so is He!

   Remember, "Come What May and Love It!" Make the most of every situation you are put into and every opportunity you are given. Be positive. Hope for the best. Look for God's hand in your life. And instead of groaning, learn to laugh! :) It's the best medicine of all!

   Thank you for all the support and prayers. I love you all so dearly.

                                                                Sister Sydney Elise Jones

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